How to make wardrobe

How to make wardrobe

Moving from the apartment on the apartment not in the best way affect exterior of furniture. It quickly becomes useless. Especially cabinet furniture is subject to damage and breakages. These are cabinets, wardrobes and so forth. Of course, furniture can be bought new, but to make it with own hands, the benefit more economically, material and furniture fittings on sale are enough.

It is required to you

  • - circular saw,
  • - drill,
  • - confirmees,
  • - mirror,
  • - accessories,
  • - stubs.


1. Decide on exterior of wardrobe. Further specify the sizes of parts. It is necessary to calculate accessories and to make the cutting chart of the sheet chipboard.

2. By means of circular saw or other suitable tool cut chipboard on part. Saw round roughnesses of edges of sheets chipboards to marking. Further cut the marked sheets on part.

3. By means of the iron paste edges to faces of parts. Cut off surplus. Establish accessories. Further to the lower parts of wardrobe fill basic thrust bearings. In doors drill openings under loops. It is necessary to drill by means of drill and special nozzle – mill. If experience of use of drill was not, be trained at first on scraps of chipboard, otherwise doors can be drilled through.

4. After above-mentioned actions it is possible to start assembly of wardrobe. Do not use plastic corners as the cabinet will hardly sustain the ought loading for assembly. For this purpose it is necessary to use confirmees. Drill openings in places of future fastenings and twist konfrmatam all parts of wardrobe together.

5. Further beat the back wall which is previously cut out from chipboard to cabinet box. In openings establish loops, the holder in the form of the steel chromeplated bar, hang doors, fasten handles. If desired on inside of door it is possible to paste mirror. The holder for belts and ties can become useful element. Make hats of confirmees imperceptible. For this purpose close them special stubs which color does not differ from color of wardrobe.

6. Establish ready wardrobe into place and adjust the provision of doors. It is necessary to regulate doors where the cabinet will constantly stand as even invisible roughnesses and biases of floor can influence alignment of doors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team