How to make warm bed

How to make warm bed

The warm bed is the whole engineering construction on the seasonal dacha. It is simple to make it, and results will please for several years as the productivity of garden cultures on such bed significantly increases. Unlike the greenhouse or hotbed, the warm bed provides warming up of the earth, but not air therefore the root system of plants develops much better. The warm bed solves two problems at once: first, provides to plants comfortable temperature condition, secondly, promotes saturation of the soil necessary nutrients.

Warm beds happen two types: buried and raised, it also depends on the level of proleganiye of underground waters on the site. If the site dry, that is underground waters lie deeply, then it makes sense to do the buried bed. And if the site often becomes boggy, especially in the spring during thawing of snow or in rainy summer, then it is better to make the bed raised.

For the first option – the buried warm bed – it is necessary to dig out soil on all area of future bed on depth of 50 cm. For the second option – the raised warm bed – it is necessary to make box on bed perimeter from boards, bricks or other materials height also of 50 cm. In it the difference consists in arrangement of the buried and raised beds. Further everything becomes by one principle.

On bottom of bed the empty plastic bottles which are densely closed by traffic jams give all the best in one layer. The bottles filled with air will create the airbag which will delay penetration of cold from earth depth. Material of which bottles are made is durable and will decay not soon. From above various organic waste materials – weeds, tops of vegetable, foliage, branches, sawdust, food waste are fallen asleep for bottles; here it is good to add manure. In the course of decomposition all this organic chemistry will increase soil temperature and also to deliver to plants nutrients therefore it will not be required to introduce fertilizers. Having filled bed up to the top, it is necessary to cover it from above with film and to sustain two days that contents have settled and was stamped. Then the film should be removed, and on bed to fill the earth which is dug out earlier, it is good it having loosened. The bed is ready. It is the best of all to do warm bed in the fall that during the winter and early spring the intensive process of decomposition of organic waste materials has begun – warming up of the soil will accelerate, and it will be possible to plant plants for two weeks earlier, than on normal bed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team