How to make warming of floor in garage

How to make warming of floor in garage

Some owners of garages warm in these constructions only ceiling, gate and walls. Floors at the same time leave uninsulated. However practice shows that considerable part of heat in garages leaves through floor. Therefore, and correctly organized heat-shielding of this site is also very important.

For warming of floor in garage different materials can be used. But the main ways of implementation of this procedure exists only two:

  • flooring of wooden floor on logs with heater use;
  • laying of heater and filling over concrete tie.

The basic rules of assembly of wooden floor in garage

According to standards Construction Norms and Regulations, at design of garages material selection and ways of their mounting have to be made taking into account load of floors in 400 kg/sq.m. Therefore at assembly of flooring in similar constructions it is necessary to follow some rules.

It is considered that when using for mounting of floor in garage of boards on 2 cm the logs should be placed at distance in 30 cm from each other. And under them it is necessary to use boards with a section of 5х15 cm.

At application of timber 3.5-4 cm thick to mount logs it is allowed with step to 50 cm. In this case for support it is also allowed to use board of 150х50 mm. But it is better to take nevertheless for such flooring bar of 100х100 mm.

Wooden floors in garages usually do not strictly horizontal. The flooring for simplification of cleaning is forced down with small bias towards gate. At the same time consider that at entrance the covering has to lie level with threshold. Otherwise will stop by in garage just inconveniently on the car.

Assembly steps of wood deck the hands

Mount the warmed floors of this type in garage on the following technology:

  • deepen earth floor a little (approximately on 20-25 cm);
  • fill in concrete or spread brick columns support under logs;
  • level and condense the earth between columns;
  • do dumping by crushed stone in 5-15 cm;
  • logs on columns fix;
  • the space between columns is dimmed the hydroinsulator;
  • roofing material fill up with haydite on level log;
  • fill on board support;
  • ready floors paint or varnish in several layers.

Of course, for warming of floor in garage instead of haydite it is possible to use also some other, more modern insulators — mineral wool or, for example, expanded polystyrene.

Installation of columns

Support under logs usually fill in from concrete. Previously under them do marking. Further under columns dig out holes about 40х40х40 cm in size. On bottom of holes fill sand layer in 5 cm with tamper by water. Over sand stack crushed stone layer 15 cm thick.

Fill in columns under logs with the solution prepared in proportion cement/sand/filling brick as 1*3*2. In holes establish timbering from chipboard or boards, measuring horizontal with level.

Further mount prefabricated reinforcement cages. It is possible to make them for each column of several rods and wire. At the final stage in columns fill in concrete solution. To stack logs on the support made thus it is allowed not earlier than in 2 weeks.

Brick columns spread under logs usually with bandaging of seams. The timbering in holes in this case is established so that she acted above the ground approximately on 5 cm.

Mounting log

Before laying the log under the wooden warmed garage floor columns should be covered with two layers of roofing material. Carry out mounting of support under wood deck as follows:

  • stack two most extreme logs at opposite walls;
  • stretch between them approximate cords;
  • mount intermediate logs.

To avoid big height difference of support, as lining it is possible to use, for example, well dry-through wooden wedges. Fix logs on columns usually with use of metal corners and dowels. That floors in the subsequent have not begun to creak, fix support thus it is desirable from two parties.

Laying of roofing material and mounting of heater

In order that soil moisture had on heater further no negative impact, the space between columns after installation log and dumping by crushed stone and sand needs to be laid roofing material. On garage perimeter this material should be mounted with overlap on walls. Over roofing material equip the warming layer. Haydite is just filled up at the same time between logs.

In the same way mount also minvata or expanded polystyrene. At the final stage the laid heat insulator close from above roofing material directly atop log.

How to floor

For assembly of the covering in garage it is possible to use both rabbeted board, and normal cut. In the latter case nails fill just over boards. Rabbeted material on logs is fixed with use of the screw driver and self-tapping screws in groove at an angle. Stack boards in both cases so that their ends fell on logs.

That in flooring in the subsequent there were no slots, mount it with use of the following technology:

  • near the stacked board, at small distance from it, to two logs beat piece of bar;
  • between bar and board drive in two wooden wedges so that to press it as it is possible more densely to the previous board;
  • hammer nails or screw in self-tapping screws;
  • rearrange bar for the following board.

Mount flooring also so that on garage perimeter between it and walls there was expansion gap approximately in 1 cm.

Filling of concrete floors in garage

Mounting of wood deck in garage, thus — the procedure not too difficult. However, as we know, floors in such rooms often are exposed to serious pollution. In garage the gasoline, oil or some means intended for care for the car can be spilled, for example.

The contact with similar structures, of course, is not too useful to tree. Therefore most often their owners warm floors in garages nevertheless with use of more resistant to influence of chemicals of concrete tie.

In this case mounting of floor will look as follows:

  • earth floor in garage is deepened and equip crushed-stone-sand pillow;
  • stack the hydroinsulator;
  • mount heater;
  • establish prefabricated reinforcement cage;
  • on some support mount lighthouses;
  • carry out filling of concrete tie.

Arrangement of crushed-stone pillow and mounting of the hydroinsulator

The filling brick layer under the warmed tie in garage has to make not less than 10 cm, and sand — 5 cm. Thickness of the warming layer at the same time will be about 10-20 cm. According to these indicators choose excavating depth under the warmed floors.

After dredging of the excess earth the floors in garage, as well as at assembly of wood deck, condense and fill up with crushed stone. Over it stack sand. Both layers surely ram and level.

The hydroinsulator over pillow is stacked in two layers. The overlap between strips of roofing material is done not less than in 15 cm. Also the hydroinsulator, of course, without fail is started on walls on height of future pie of floor.

Heater mounting

Isolation of concrete floors from cold in garages is usually made with haydite use. Before its charge over the hydroinsulator it is desirable to expose lighthouses. After haydite laying by layer in 20 cm the last will need just to be removed with charge of the space left by them.

Also the tie in garage is warmed sometimes and with use of penopolistrol. In this case as the insulator it is necessary to choose the most dense material. Load of floors in garage is necessary actually very big.

Most often under couplers in such rooms expanded polystyrene of PBS-S-50 brand 10-15 cm thick is used. Polyfoam in garage anyway will not be suitable for warming of tie. Material is rather friable.

Plates of dense expanded polystyrene at arrangement of floors in garage stack over the hydroinsulator just end-to-end, without slots. On haydite the concrete tie is filled in further directly — without roofing material use. Expanded polystyrene plates in addition close one more layer of the hydroinsulator.

Mounting of armature and filling of tie

As well as at assembly of wooden floors, the tie in garage is usually filled in with small bias towards door. Mesh reinforcement is established on halves of brick or any other supports. It has to be located in the thickness of tie upon termination of works approximately in the middle.

Lighthouses over mesh reinforcement before filling of concrete mix can be established, for example, on the "fungi" intended for fastening of technoplex. It is necessary to expose such support, of course, on level.

As lighthouses for concrete tie usually use metal section. In the area of "fungi", level with their hat, at first stack strip of concrete solution. On it further fix profile. Further fill in tie with use of the rule of sufficient length.

Final finishing

To protect wood deck or tie in garage from destruction by various chemical means, ready floor at the final stage should be covered with pieces of rubber or linoleum surely in addition. It is also possible to use and any other lung in leaving the covering capable to detain moisture. It is necessary to fix the chosen material on floor in garage most reliably — with use not only of glue, but also nails or self-tapping screws.

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