How to make water supply at the dacha with own hands

How to make water supply at the dacha with own hands

Today seasonal dachas are used not only as kitchen gardens with the unsightly summer lodges established on them without any conveniences, they become vacation spots where citizens can relax on the weekend. Certain set of conveniences is necessary for good rest therefore water supply of giving is one of paramount tasks.

Choice of water supply source

As a rule, the centralized water supply on seasonal dachas is absent, and the choice of source from where on the site and water will come to the building located on it will become your first task. If it is that on the seasonal dacha you are only in the summer and from time to time, it is possible to bring water from the stream, the small river or pond which are nearby. But when on the site the capital residential building to which you want to come and in the winter is constructed, it is better to use for this purpose well or the well.

The construction of well will cost cheaper, than drilling of the well, but in summertime it can dry up and the drains located nearby and also melt and underground waters can affect water quality. The artesian well will provide you with quality water during the whole year. When the need for water at your family is big also the area of landings which demand watering, considerable, there is sense to drill the well on the site.

Water supply from well

If well on your site also water in it does not dry up rather high quality, it can be used for the device of both summer, and winter water supply at the dacha. In this case as the giving system it is possible to use both pumping stations, and superficial or submersible pumps. The pumping station – the automatic system consisting of the superficial pump, the pressure switch and high-capacity water tank. It is possible to refer noisy work and requirements to height of water in well to shortcomings of such systems – it should not fall below, than by 7-8 meters from well bottom.

For water supply from well it is possible to use only the submersible or superficial pump. Superficial pumps establish at mouth of wells, water gets to it through the special pipe equipped with the ground valve. It is convenient to serve them, they are located on surface, but the power of such pumps is small and they are established if the need for water small and the well is located near the house. Powerful and almost silent submersible pumps are capable to pump water from well bottom even with small amount of mechanical impurity, they also differ in high performance. If you install water supply system, there is sense at once to install both the system of the sewerage, and heating services, to connect the water heater which will provide the house with hot water. Taking into account it make calculations of amount of water, necessary for operation of these systems, and pump capacity.

The hydroaccumulator – water-pressure tank with the sensor of height of water will allow to prolong the term of system of country water supply.

Water supply from the well

In this case the water supply system will consist of the following components: deep pump, pipeline, filters, shutoff valves. Mechanical and chemical filters are installed to purify water from impurity of sand and clay and also iron and calcium and also other microelements. You define type of the filter, having made chemical water analysis.

Pipeline system

Having chosen water supply source, it is necessary to be defined whether you will use water supply system only in the summer or all the year round. When the system works also in the winter, the pipeline from water supply source has to be laid 20-30 cm below, than soil frost depth in your area. If it is so deep you do not want to dig, it is necessary to think over the system of warming of pipes. In this case they need to be stacked in trench which then is filled up with haydite, slag or the foam crumb. Pipes can be wound also with the special warming material, to lay near them heating cable. But in the latter case the cost of system will increase and danger of freezing, in case of power outage, will exist all the same. When mounting pipe it is necessary to stack under small inclination towards water intake point.

Country water supply system the hands

Having the topographical scheme of the site or having made necessary measurements independently, make the project of external and internal water supply, calculate amount of necessary materials. You will need to get: - metal plastic pipes with outside diameter 20 or 32 of mm for internal and external eyeliner of water; - the pumping station or the pump (the pumping station will require back valve); - holders for pipes, corners, couplings, adapters, etc.; - ball valve and the sanitary equipment which will be installed in the house. Besides, it will be required to you: tape measure, hacksaw for cutting of pipes, tools for digging of trench, wooden boards for timbering, concrete, Rabitz netting, gravel of crushed fines. Define where the pumping station will be installed – for it it is possible to choose the basement or specially built extension to the house, but, as a last resort, it can be placed also in bathroom. Dig out trench, lay in it pipe with a diameter of 32 mm. It bend the lower end and bring to the well or to well, top enter in the house through the aperture left in the base. That part of pipe which remained on surface with the place of input to the house has to be warmed too.

The pumping station has to be installed on rigid surface, it is better on concrete bed. Before starting, execute mounting of the pumping station.

If you do not use the pumping station, install automatic system which will carry out turning on of the pump as soon as cranes in the house open. Execute internal distributing of pipes with a diameter of 20 mm to consumers – sinks, washbasins, toilet bowl, shower.

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