How to make weather vane of improvised materials?

How to make weather vane of improvised materials?

Weather vanes place on roofs of houses for a long time. These devices are convenient that they allow to define and predict the movement of wind. From variety of modern weather vanes takes the breath away.

On roofs of houses it is possible to see various weather vanes differing in design and complexity of production. The elementary weather vane can be made most of improvised materials.

The weather vane specifies that direction from which wind blows. If wind blows from the North, then the weather vane will point north.

Weather vane from simple pencil and straw for cocktail

It is required to you:

- simple pencil with eraser on the end; - straw for cocktail; - dense paper; - pin; - glue; - marker; - plastic or cardboard cup.

How to make weather vane

Make an incision each end of straw so that two longitudinal slots have turned out. Cut out two triangles from dense paper. Insert them into cuts in straw. One triangle is arrow, and the second tail. "Arrow" will be inserted into cuts by the basis, and "tail" - triangle top. Fix triangles by means of glue. Insert pin into pencil eraser, having pierced it straw through in the middle. The straw has to rotate freely. Insert pencil into plastic or cardboard cup. Fix pencil by means of glue. On bottom of glass paste square from dense paper. Note on it the compass directions. Now it is possible to go outside and look from where wind blows.

Simple and small weather vanes put on lawns, attach to baby carriages that during walks at wind the child could observe how adaptation spins.

Weather vane from plastic bottle with sand

It is required to you: - bottle with cover; - square from dense paper of 20 by 20 cm; - square from dense paper of 5 by 5 cm; - 2 thin wooden sticks, for example, for shish kebabs, are 5 cm longer than bottle; - pencil and thread; - 1 cup of sand; - scissors.

Instruction for production of weather vane

Fill bottle with the earth. Connect sticks at right angle at distance of 5 cm from the end. Draw on small square from paper triangle of 5 by 5 cm. Cut it. Paste triangle on one of the short ends of stick so that he looked in the opposite direction from cross. It is arrow of weather vane. Do hole in cover. Twirl bottle cover. Insert into it the long end of stick without arrow. Submerge the end of stick in sand. The stick should not get stuck, and spin freely. On each end of cardboard square write the compass directions. Put on the earth big square in the right directions. They need to be known then to define the movement of wind. For definition of the directions use compass. Watch the movement of arrow. It will show from where wind blows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team