How to make windowsill on balcony with own hands

How to make windowsill on balcony with own hands

The closed balconies are very popular today, many glaze them for heat preservation, and many of purely household reasons, placing seedling on the balcony or creating the vacation spot. However neither the balcony wall, nor window blocks are calculated on loading therefore on the glazed balcony surely there has to be windowsill, rack-mount or facilitated hinged.

Conditionally windowsills for balconies can be separated into 2 views: rack-mount, i.e. such which will duplicate wall, reducing load of it and to hold the weight of windows and also the facilitated hinged windowsills. Normal which put under windows in the house on the balcony it is impossible to use, they are too heavy.

Despite wide choice of construction materials, windowsills for balconies make only two types: wooden or from plastic.

Material selection

When mounting windowsill on the balcony it is necessary to remember that in winter time on the balcony temperature drops because of bad warming between window and wall are possible. Therefore it is necessary to choose such material which would not be exposed to temperature fluctuations. Respectively, the windowsill from tree – not the best option, it can crack with moisture condensation. Also because of cracking deformation processes in the place of its fastening to window are possible.

It is recommended to establish cheaper, but plastic windowsills qualitative and not subject to influence of atmospheric conditions. These designs do not concede on technical indicators wooden, and in something even exceed them. When choosing plastic windowsill it is desirable to take not glossy, but opaque with hollow edges. First, it is the facilitated design which will not give load of wall, secondly, opaque has the increased ability to adsorption. For installation of windowsill you will need the following tool: - screw driver; - drill; - level; - construction square; - tape measure; - electrofret saw. From materials it will be required to you: - self-tapping screws; - brackets for fastening; - plastic profile; - silicone adhesive.


In the beginning it is necessary to mount U-section under the window block. This profile is mounted horizontally, the windowsill adjusted by the size is inserted then into it. By means of level level profile, further establish fixing brackets. Do not forget about special plastic linings which will prevent breakdown of plastic over brackets. Besides it is necessary that the windowsill densely adjoined to the window basis. It makes sense to try on earlier measured windowsill in the place before fastening, if necessary to remove superfluous or to grind off corners. After that by means of self-tapping screws it is possible to fix. Do not forget to control when mounting windowsill its level by means of the square and level. Then on sides of windowsill decorative panels which will close edge edges fasten and will give it the improved look. After these simple works the windowsill is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team