How to make with own hands furniture

How to make with own hands furniture

To do furniture independently not only interestingly, but also it is favorable. As a rule, to turn there are cabinets which have already become obsolete century, padded stools, chairs, regiments, and therefore reanimating or changing them, you kill two hares at once – significantly save and do not leave favourite things.

It is required to you

  • The hammer, nails, saw, plane, the machine, chisel, drill, screws and bolts with nuts, material for furniture decor.


1. Let's make shelf for books or house utensils.

2. Take old book holder, it is possible old box from under buffet.

3. The old shelf can be taken to pieces or to upholster from above its walls with plywood.

4. Replace the handle or make opening by means of drill for new, and then attach it by means of screw and the screw-driver.

5. It is possible to decorate the shelf, at first having painted over or having varnished, and then it is possible to add various parts.

6. Slightly more difficult – we make table. Take couple of stools and old door, and it is possible to use table-top instead of door.

7. The cloth for table needs to be sawn accurately on given sizes,

8. Then to invert reverse side and to connect screws or self-tapping screws of leg of stools.

9. Carefully glue places of joints with PVA and mix from shavings.

10. In end process table antiseptics and accurately grind that it was strong and has served long. If you have art thinking and are able to draw, apply on table-top monochrome pattern by means of acrylic paint.

11. Cover table-top with thick glass with the processed edges (economy option: stick edges of glass with dense adhesive tape).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team