How to make wood gas generator with own hands: homemade products on firewood and on sawdust

How to make wood gas generator with own hands: homemade products on firewood and on sawdust

Despite large number of types of fuel which people have learned to get in centuries, wood is still actively used. Wood and its waste – shavings, sawdust, spill – all this can be applied to work of the wood gas generators created with own hand.

Merits and demerits of self-made gas generator

Use of gas generator differs in convenience and profitability. If the device is made correctly, during its creation all rules and rules are followed, then it is necessary to load fuel very seldom. So, firewood can be loaded into the camera of all of times a day and if the wood charcoal is applied to work of gas generator, then the fire chamber can be filled only once in decade.

Creation of gas generator process rather fascinating, but also very labor-consuming. He will demand from the master of special skills, patience and, of course, material investments. However, in comparison with industrial devices the cost of self-made wood gas generator many times is less.

To all other operation of the device created with own hand needs to be controlled carefully. Hot gas has quite high temperature that does the unit fire-dangerous.

It is possible to refer availability of fuelwood to advantages. Except firewood and wood charcoal it is possible to use sawdust, shavings, chips and other tsellyulozosoderzhashchy materials. But when using waste it is necessary to remember that the humidity of fuel has to be acceptable that the unit worked with maximum efficiency. If you are going to use firewood for gas generator fire chamber, then they need to be split into medium-sized and approximately equal parts.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings of self-made gas generator also that air in the combustion chamber moves forcibly, and the electric power is for this purpose necessary.

Principle of work

At wood combustion heat is generated in the open air. And here at small amount of oxygen the tree not so much burns how many smolders. At the same time not heat, and combustible gas is generated. Gas generators on firewood and sawdust use this gas.

At decay of wood, many chemicals from which only part is combustible gases are emitted, and all the rest only pollutes the environment. Therefore, during creation of gas generator, it is necessary to get rid of these hazardous substances. Besides, the formed gas mix is required to be cooled.

Industrially process of processing of tree in gas happens in three stages:

  • Combustion of wood at small amount of oxygen.
  • Primary cleaning of flying particles by means of the cyclonic filter.
  • Secondary cleaning with the water filter.

The generator manufactured with own hand works by the similar principle though the device looks simpler and occupies less spaces.

Materials for creation of gas generator

Production of wood gas generator will require many materials. Before beginning work on its creation, it is necessary to prepare all necessary carefully:

  • metal for the main nodes of the device. It has to be capable to sustain high temperature;
  • welding machine and electrodes;
  • grid-iron;
  • spring for cover;
  • heat resisting laying for hatches and connection of separate parts of the unit.

Before starting production of self-made gas generator it is necessary to be defined how you will use it: for transport or for the house. In the first case the small sizes and small weight are priority.

As parent material it is the best of all to apply stainless steel to creation of automobile gas generator. Despite high cost, it has such advantages as durability and ease.

For the house it is possible to manufacture the big device. For its creation it is possible to use also the improvised or being in the use materials which cost rather low and to get them much more simply.

Production of wood gas generator

To create in house conditions gas generator same, as well as at the plant, it is impossible. But it is also not necessary. It is possible to find the scheme of production of the self-made unit at acquaintances who already use such device, or floating around the Internet.

First of all it is necessary to make basic elements of the unit:

  • body;
  • fuel bunker (loading camera);
  • airdistributing and filtering knots;
  • combustion chamber and its mouth;
  • grid-iron;

The body usually becomes cubic or cylindricity. For these purposes the capacity of suitable form, for example, of flank from strong metal, empty cylinder from under household gas is used and also the body can be manufactured independently of metal sheet. Kamra loadings as well as the body, it is possible to make of make-shifts or to weld from sheet metal plate. This knot is located in the body therefore its sizes have to be less. Ideal metal for the fuel bunker is the carbon steel.

The body needs to be supplied with skintight cover. One of important operating conditions of gas generator on firewood and sawdust is its sealing as operation of the device requires limited intake of air. The cover, as a rule, has big weight therefore it is difficult to lift it. To facilitate use of the device, it is possible to establish depreciation spring on cover.

That the self-made unit was steady, in the lower part of the body it is necessary to weld metal legs.

In the combustion chamber temperature reaches the maximum size. For production of the combustion chamber in house gas generator it is possible to use creep-resisting steel or empty gas cylinder. If in cylinder there was earlier household gas, then that its remains have not lit up at welding, capacity should be filled with water before use. It is necessary to install grid-iron from cast iron in the combustion chamber. For cleaning process simplification the grid-iron is done removable or just mobile.

Golovina of the combustion chamber from other knots separates by means of heat resisting laying. As such laying asbestos quite will approach, but it is the best of all to be spent and buy modern materials.

After the combustion chamber the filtering knot where the received gas mix is purified from unnecessary impurity and pollution is established. Gas mix moves in filters through branch pipe which is established below. The cyclonic filter can be manufactured of sheet metal plate, the body of the old fire extinguisher or other capacity of the suitable size and form.

After filtering knot the cooler is installed. It is possible to apply normal radiator to these purposes or to make coil. For acceleration of process of cooling it is possible to use water as the cooler.

The airdistributing knot regulates intake of oxygen to fuel and also interferes with leak of the formed combustible gas. This knot is attached to design by means of shtultser and supplied with back valve.

All doors through which access to various knots of usroystvo is provided have to be hermetic. Sealants and laying from heat resisting materials are for this purpose used.

Important nuances

Despite the occurring opinion that as fuel for gas generator it is possible to use wood of any humidity including freshly-cut tree, it is not necessary to load fuel which humidity is more than 20% into the unit. Practice shows that, the fuel is more damp, the overall performance of gas generator is lower.

To increase the efficiency of operation of the device even on fuel with the increased humidity, it is possible to place the ring gas pipeline between walls of the body and the camera of loading. As a result due to heat energy the humidity of fuel will go down. Advantage of such modification is also that on cooling of gas mix less time will leave that will lead to increase in efficiency of the device.

It is extremely important to serve correctly gas generator during operation. Of course, as fuel it is possible to apply any tsellyulozosoderzhashchy substances, but the wood charcoal is considered ideal. At pyrolysis of coal less energy is spent for moisture evaporation that increases device efficiency approximately by 20%.

The gas generator can be used not only as heating boiler for the house or work of the car, but also as home power plant. The last option assumes use of the diesel engine of internal combustion.

Of course, to make independently gas generator rather difficult, but the skillful master who is not afraid of difficulties everyone is able.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team