How to make wooden fence

How to make wooden fence

Each seasonal dacha or country house needs fencing. The wooden fence will help not only to protect the territory from penetration of animal, uninvited guests and poultry. Build on the site eco-friendly fence independently, leaning on some councils and rules.

It is required to you

  • - Wooden boards or panels,
  • - metal pipes,
  • - fences,
  • - screws,
  • - loops.


1. Before starting installation of wooden fence, it is necessary to decide on columns which will hold all design. They can be brick, metal pipes, reinforced concrete and tree. The most durable material – metal pipes.

2. Between support 2-3 meters have to make distances, try to fix more reliably columns, especially if you want to build high fence. The pipe needs to be driven in soil as it is possible more deeply – on depth not less than one meter. For this purpose you will need drill which it is necessary to dig out holes, large diameter, than pipes.

3. After you have dug out all holes, start installation of metal pipes. And cover the empty space between pipe beaten brick or crushed stone with earth, fill up with sand and properly water. If you are going to build massive design, in this case it will be better if you concrete free space.

4. For production of garden fencings most often use trees of strong and soft breeds in the form of boards. The cedar, larch or aspen is considered the best material. Materials from tree need to be filed and pared down previously. For construction of wild fence it is possible to use the raw boards and logs. Wood has to be dense, strong, without availability of cracks and traces of decay.

5. On the upper edge of columns pull strong rope, it will help to control horizontal position of installation of wooden boards. Attach to two cross columns of each run of shtaketina which it is necessary to record at distance 20 centimeters from the lower and top cut.

6. To shtaketina it is possible to begin to fix panel boards or boards. When they are established, beat the first shtaketina to each panel. It was necessary to make gate the same way which needs to be attached by means of iron loops and screws. Do not forget to process tree special structure which will help to keep fence from rotting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team