How to make wooden floor in garage

How to make wooden floor in garage

If desired in garage it is possible to make not only concrete, but also wooden floor. At the same time it is necessary to observe certain technology of laying at which the tree will serve long enough, and the car which, as a rule, weighs quite a lot, will have reliable support.

It is required to you

  • - logs;
  • - brick;
  • - executioner's blocks;
  • - sand;
  • - gravel;
  • - antifungal antiseptics;
  • - mix for waterproofing;
  • - drying oil;
  • - paint.


1. The wooden floor in garage can be made in two ways. The first is to lay executioner's blocks as floor covering on already available concrete floor. And the second option is to make floor completely of tree.

2. If in garage there is already concrete bed of floor, lay on it thick executioner's blocks. Process them anti-septic tank, proolifta and paint.

3. At arrangement of wooden floor in again built up garage which has no floor at all carefully level all surface, pour out layer of sand-gravel pillow, spill water and stamp. On the wet basis gravel will lay down more densely.

4. Establish thick logs. That logs have risen ideally exactly, under them lay thick boards by means of which you will carry out alignment log on level.

5. Process all wood structures the structure intended for waterproofing of the designs subject to rotting and soaking.

6. Instead of the wooden basis you can use concrete columns or red brick. Put from it columns at distance of 80 cm between ranks and 30 cm between columns. On the laid-out basis you will lay executioner's blocks.

7. Measure the necessary length of executioner's blocks, cut off them by the necessary size. Thickness of sawn timber has to be not less than 50-60 mm. You lay only well dried up executioner's blocks in garage, previously process them antifungal anti-septic tank. Miss the mark bottom with the waterproofing mix.

8. You lay executioner's blocks on the movement of the car, logs – across. Such way more reliable, floor will serve much longer.

9. At arrangement of viewing hole make around it the basis of thick logs or put brick racks on all perimeter. Close top of viewing hole wooden cover.

10. It is necessary to protect from moisture not only wood structures which will directly contact to sand-gravel pillow, but also all floor. Carefully impregnate executioner's blocks with drying oil and paint on several times.

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