How to make wooden furniture

How to make wooden furniture

The integral element of any house – correctly picked up interior which will create comfortable conditions and cosiness. But any interior will not do without furniture. Built-in, case or soft, from natural wood or chipboard – the modern choice of furniture is very big. But if you appreciate uniqueness and individual approach, and want to save at the same time – try to make wooden furniture.

Woodworking – it is not as difficult as can seem at first sight. To make table, it is not obligatory to be the carpenter or the cabinetmaker. As option, it is possible to restore old furniture, but also certain knowledge for this purpose is required.

Restoration of wooden furniture

It is rather simple to make furniture with own hands, especially, if it is about restoration of already ready furniture. Beginning work, take care of availability of the main tools. The drill, drill, the hammer, saw, screws, nails, tape measure and the sketch will be necessary for you. So, to begin to restore old furniture follows from detailed inspection of all elements. As much as possible sort table or curbstone which you will restore and attentively study each part, paying special attention to side bars.

Side bar – horizontal frame from wooden boards. Usually it unites legs of table, chair, sofa.

Very often the tree of some parts can be damaged. Dents, scratches, chips and other defects give to furniture the untidy and shabby look therefore they should be eliminated with any available to you in the way. Do not forget also about possible pollution. And also pay attention to old covering: if it is shelled and disappears, surely walk on surface emery paper. Repair of furniture will not be qualitative if you leave fragile connections of parts with each other somewhere. Therefore attentively examine all fastenings and where it is necessary, restore durability of side bars. For this purpose disconnect unsteadily connected parts and anew stick together among themselves, using joiner's glue. As option, instead of joiner's glue it is possible to use self-tapping screws or wooden wedges on glue. If fastening is not subject to restoration and demands full replacement, you should not save. And then furniture will serve longer. Sometimes not only fastening, but also one of the main parts of furniture demands full replacement. For example, full replacement of table-top or shelves can be necessary if it is about children's cabinet. In case with table-top it is worth using wooden bar which acts as fixing material for strengthening of old surface. And still, such bars it is possible to increase visually table cover if it is made of chipboard or thick plywood. Before fixing bars, they should be missed the mark well with glue and only then to fix self-tapping screws. When the cover is ready, it is necessary to process faces, having carefully ground not only face surface, but also basis on both sides. Restoration of wooden furniture is considered complete after glue has dried, and you have ground all possible roughnesses, having covered product with layer of flat varnish just for decoration or paint of suitable color. At the same time with the updated furniture not only your kitchen, but also any other room will take absolutely new form.

That furniture after restoration has approached the general interior of the room, any can decorate it in the way available to you.

Production of furniture from tree

To arrange the house of your dream with furniture from natural material of own production according to the individual sketch – great idea. Here it is necessary to emphasize the main advantages of wooden furniture – long life cycle, magnificent view, opportunity to use various elements of decor. Besides the wooden furniture is timeless classics which always is fashionable and will help to create homeliness in any interior. But at the same time, the tree furniture has some shortcomings. Natural wood costs rather much, demands special leaving, has property to grow dull at hit of direct sunshine. If it does not frighten you, then here approximate technology of independent production of wooden furniture. First of all provide exterior of future product, whether it be chair, shelf or dresser. If you have no own idea, it can be borrowed from any source where photos of various home decoration are provided. Then transfer the sketch to paper, without having forgotten to specify all sizes. Then pick up necessary tools and materials, proceeding from what design of product you have chosen. Choosing material first of all, pay special attention to its quality. Do not buy damp or too thin wooden bar. Give preference better to that sawn timber which has no defects, cracks and other mechanical damages. The next stage – exact transfer of the sizes from the sketch on wooden bar with the subsequent cutting all parts. If you have no special purpose tool for the correct cut of wood, having the detailed drawing, you can address in specialized workshop. There professional master will execute qualitative and exact cut by the individual order. After that you will need to collect and fix among themselves all parts. If you have planned to make not just table, and to bring together full-fledged kitchen, you should not be afraid of possible difficulties. For certain you will be able independently to measure and collect framework for tables of work area, and also to make table-tops. And here the facade of future kitchen can be bought in any furniture store. Here the main complexity – to find suitable color and texture, but this task is quite feasible. It is necessary to collect furniture by the principle of box, that is to fix vertical surfaces to horizontal. Various shelves and boxes fasten how the foundation or framework of furniture is laid. In the last turn facades fasten. And it is necessary to connect doors only in open position, otherwise they can be attached crookedly and will give to furniture negligent look. The furniture headset fastens in the last turn.

To learn to do difficult furniture, it is necessary to begin with something simple and to develop furniture production step by step, attending special master classes and getting advice of experts.

Thanks to modern technologies and the tool, independent production of furniture has become not it difficult, the main thing is desire to begin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team