How to make wooden garden bench

How to make wooden garden bench

More simply and most quicker to make garden bench with the back located at right angle. As parent material for creation of country bench it is possible to use wooden bars and logs.

Tools and materials

The garden bench can be made of long wooden bars of square profile more than 6 cm thick. For this purpose it is also required: one thick log (not less than 40 cm in grasp), pencil, ruler and protractor, nails of average or big length, saw, screws and the screw-driver, the hammer, drill with drills and boards not less than 2 cm thick. The paint brush and varnish will be useful for processing of ready bench.

Legs from logs

Legs for bench cut from thick log, they will serve as reliable support if its grasp makes more than 1 m. For additional stability exactly sawn off pieces of log beat to wooden floor of gazebo or use superficial concreting. Height of legs is selected the most suitable for those who will sit most often on garden bench.

Attachment of boards of sitting

Recommend to process boards before beginning them to fix to basic bars. All cambers, roughnesses and hangnails which can be on wood can be removed with the help planes and abrasive paper. Basic bars do on the expected width of garden bench then they are beaten to the cut logs. When boards are processed, they can be beaten to the basic bars which are previously hammered into logs. For this purpose use long nails. If they stick out on the other hand, they need to be bent and lined under tree. Before driving in of nails it is necessary to drill openings drill, otherwise on wood cracks can appear.

Installation of level

Production of back will require the processed bars with the square section which diagonal has to be not less than 6 cm, and length should not exceed seat length. The bar is cut off, and then beaten to extreme board. It is necessary to watch closely that the distance from both edges of shop was identical.

Boards and bars for back

From bar of the same thickness cut off two basic parts for back, their height has to be from 30 to 40 cm. Parts compare with the first bar, having placed them perpendicularly. After that basic parts are nailed up to level from below and sideways. It is necessary to measure the remained shop width from back bar then to cut off two bars of square section on this length. They are beaten from above to shop boards, and from backside — to vertical bars. Boards of back should be beaten to vertical bars. Two more bars from the ends which are cut off in the form of equilateral trapeze are required. They need to be beaten to two horizontal bars and also to two vertical, passing nail through width of one of back boards. At the same time nails have to be located at an angle 45 ° concerning bench and 90 ° concerning the beaten bars. By means of clean rag and abrasive paper remove dirt and roughnesses from surface of ready bench then it is necessary only to varnish it and to wait until everything dries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team