How to make wooden window frames

How to make wooden window frames

Window frames are rather difficult design therefore independently to make window frame which characteristics will correspond completely to parameters of factory analogs is rather problematic. This process will demand not only professional knowledge and skills, but also the special equipment. However, to make window frame for such rooms as verandah, bath or balcony quite perhaps hands.

It is required to you

  • - boards;
  • - bar;
  • - electric plane;
  • - manual milling cutter;
  • - hammer;
  • - chisel;
  • - joiner's glue;
  • - power drill;
  • - loops;
  • - window corners.


1. Make necessary measurements of window opening.

2. Make box for your window. For this purpose it is necessary to take planed board and to choose on it groove so that the profile of board has received the-shaped form. It is possible to make groove by means of electric plane.

3. Saw board on four parts according to the sizes of window opening.

4. Connect box parts among themselves. The thorn groove connection is considered the most reliable. Cut on boards which will horizontally be located in window opening, thorns, and on vertical - grooves. In order that connection was the most exact, for works of this type it is recommended to use manual milling cutter.

5. Carefully miss the mark position of joints with joiner's glue and insert box parts each other. Wait for glue drying.

6. Drill opening in face of connection of parts and insert into it the wooden pin which is missed the mark with glue. It will provide rigid joint of parts and preservation of corner in 90 degrees.

7. Install collected box in window opening.

8. Make profile of wooden frame by means of manual mill or electric plane. The type of profile depends on desirable amount of glasses in your window frame. The top groove of profile serves for glazing. Nizhny Novgorod - is reciprocal part of box.

9. Measure the sizes of window frame. It is necessary to consider that for its free closing and opening between frame and box it is necessary to leave gap in 1-2 mm. Saw profile on pieces of the necessary length. Make thorns and grooves that have been executed for window case. Connect frame parts, having missed the mark them with glue. Establish wooden pins in position of joints. For strengthening of design use metal window corners.

10. Insert in advance prepared glass. Establish loops on frame and box.

11. Paint wooden parts with moisture resistant paint.

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