How to make wool is softer

How to make wool is softer

Knitted things from natural wool were appreciated at all times and continue to remain in honor. It is considered that wool have to be prickly as has property of reflexotherapy. It is useful to people with disease of kidneys and liver and also it is recommended to people with vegetososudisty dystonia. But not everyone likes to carry prickly things, especially children. As to soften wool in house conditions?

It is required to you

  • - mustard powder;
  • - table salt;
  • - vinegar;
  • - powder for wool;
  • - fabric softener;
  • - glycerin;
  • - hair balm.


1. If you have decided to connect or buy new woolen sweater, pay special attention to material of its production. The most prickly products turn out from house wool, that is own production. Factory wool softer to the touch as at development technology methods that it was less pricked are used. Sheep wool as it is covered with small scales which scratch skin is considered the most prickly. The banal allergy can become the reason of irritation of skin in time socks of woolen things.

2. If your sweater is godlessly pricked, then there are two exits: to grit teeth and to train the nervous system or to try to soften woolen product what to make very not easy. Also the simple otparivaniye of wool by means of the hot iron will not help, besides it can get out of the initial shape. But there are several grandmother's ways which will help you to soften woolen thing.

3. Take handful of fresh mustard powder and dissolve in basin with warm water. Put in it woolen product, and properly, rinse. Then rinse in clear water and slightly wring out. It is recommended to dry in horizontal position, having carefully straightened woolen thing.

4. Add to water for wool rinsing one teaspoon of table salt and one teaspoon of vinegar (on 10 liters of water). You can replace salt and vinegar with normal glycerin (it can be bought in any pharmacy), in this case leave sweater wetted in solution for 30 minutes. After that carefully rinse product in large number warm and pure.

5. Try to wash woolen product in solution of the special powder intended directly for wool, for example, take means "Caress" or "Cashmere". During rinsing surely add any conditioner or fabric softener. It is also possible to use hair balm, it will help to soften wool well. Also remember, with each washing the thing will become is softer therefore you should not wait for desirable result at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team