How to make wrought-iron fence with own hands

How to make wrought-iron fence with own hands

The wrought-iron fence is unique design which perfectly combines functional characteristics and esthetic exterior. Each person the hands is capable to create surprising fence for the house. Having studied all subtleties of process and staging of the carried-out works, it is absolutely easy to make such design. We will also talk about it in article.

The first that welcomes guests on the way to private country possession, is fence. Today the market of construction raw materials offers owners of owner-occupied dwelling wide choice of various materials and technologies thanks to which it is possible to create unique fence the hands. One of the most attractive, durable and reliable types of protections is the wrought-iron fence. Azhurno the intertwining rods in combination with graceful lines look fantastically, it is the real decorative element of landscaping of any site.

If to order such protection in professional workshops, then the price of works will be quite high. Therefore it is worth thinking of independent construction of such fence though task and difficult, but nevertheless quite feasible. The main thing to get acquainted with the main questions on assembly, and the ready house self-made small fence will please you and your relatives.

Primary features of shod fences

In comparison with the similar types of protections made on other technologies and of other raw materials, forging has indisputable advantages:

  • reliability of design. The metal goods is characterized by krepkost and reliability. At the correct and timely processing, metal perfectly copes with temperature differences and the raised humidity indicators;
  • Comparing shod product to designs from metal sheets, it becomes clear that it looks most nobly and is modern, is not dependent on style of construction and landscape;
  • numerous options of execution. Metal forgeable and pliable thanks to what it is possible to do elements of any form of it.

Manufacturing techniques of shod fencing

Many refuse the idea of construction at themselves on the site of similar fencing, mistakenly assuming that for this purpose it is necessary to involve expensive smiths. However today there are several ways of production of shod designs, one of which ordinary people can precisely use:

  • welding - is available to everyone and does not demand special skills;
  • the technology of forging assumes connection of parts manually, many efforts and skills for this purpose will be required;
  • the combined technology combining both previous options for which both skills, and the special equipment are necessary.

Necessary tools

Production of shod protection obliges the master to get all necessary devices in look:

  • welding machine and set of electrodes;
  • the Bulgarian and set of the grinding and cutting disks;
  • vice, and there will be not enough shaky installation therefore it is necessary to find the powerful unit;
  • flat-nose pliers;
  • tape measures;
  • hammer;
  • brushes;
  • construction level;
  • corner;
  • spray;
  • steel rods with a diameter from 12 to 14 mm;
  • sheet two-millimetric steel. It is necessary for production peak if those are provided by design.

Production of decorative elements

Decor elements, decorating all design, are made on the special equipment. Depending on what has to be art type of product, the specific bending machine is selected.

  • Gruntik - bends metal rods under the necessary corner or radius.
  • By means of "Snail" it is possible to do of spiral rods. One more machines for creation of spiral form of rod "Twister" is.
  • On "Template" bend rods in circles, at the same time it is possible to change circle radius.

It is not obligatory to buy or take in rolling all set of the machine equipment at all. Having developed own design, it is possible to be defined what 1-2 devices are necessary that the beautiful section has turned out.

Stages of arrangement of the basis

Construction of any fence begins with laying of the reliable basis capable to sustain loading and influence of external factors. The column and tape fundamental basis will become the best option for shod fence. Columns will hold section flights, and the concrete ribbon will perfectly cope with loadings.

For rod posts it is necessary to choose reliable and strong material. If to take for consideration wooden bar then it is clear that it is not capable to sustain the weight of metal sections. Therefore as the best are considered:

  • Support from metal which distinctive qualities are reliability, durability and stability. Elements are on sale at the affordable prices, besides they do not need to be processed and prepared in addition before use, they easily are established. The metal column can have the section of circle or square. The minimum diameter is 6 cm. Other dimensions are selected, proceeding from construction features.
  • Brick columns – perfectly cope with loadings of high designs. At the initial stage from brick elements spread perimeter of future support, further the internal emptiness is filled with armature, and then concrete solution is filled in. To armature which joins in laying fence sections fasten subsequently.
  • Concrete support – well transfer all influences and loadings, are harmoniously combined with elements from metal. The main condition of standard duty of operation of such support – height of sections should not exceed 1.5 meters. Mounting of higher products will lead to destruction of support.

Laying of the foundation

Process of laying of fundamental basis under future fence takes place in several stages.

  • At first the territory marking on all perimeter in that place where there will be fence is carried out. According to marking the trench which depth and width is chosen taking into account factors in the form of type of soil layer, features of climate, height of sections, etc. escapes. The average optimum size of ditch is from 30 to 35 cm in width, from 70 to 80 cm depth.
  • On all length of the dug trench places where racks will be located are noted. The distance between columns identical also averages 150 – 200 cm. Other parameters depend on design weight. The rack is driven on depth of 35-40 cm. Diameter of pole into which the support is inserted has to be slightly more. On bottom of hole filling brick is fallen asleep for height of 10-15 cm and stamped.
  • Having leveled and having stamped bottom, sand is fallen asleep for 10 cm, spills water and is stamped.
  • Procedure of reinforcing. It is necessary to connect reinforcing rods with a diameter of 12-14 mm grid to cell of 10 cm. They unite by means of lashing wire. The trench in 3 approaches is reinforced. The first – keeps within armature on bottom, the second – approximately on the middle of hole, the third – is the closest to upper surface. The grid joins the driven columns lashing wire.
  • The timbering on edge of trenches is formed. It can be made of normal boards, but for giving of ideal smoothness to regions of future base it is better to use the laminated MDF panel.
  • Also all trench is filled in with concrete solution of hole with columns.
  • So far concrete liquid, support on level are leveled, and are fixed by wooden emphasis. Everything is left before full drying of concrete. This period takes from 3 to 4 weeks.

Works on creation of sections of fence

Now it is possible to begin to make sections for shod fence. It is the most labor-intensive and at the same time creative process.

First of all it is necessary to find the equal horizontal plane on which one section of fence will be located at least. On it it is necessary to draw with chalk the sketch of future flight with the indication of stiffening fins, protective parts and decorative parts.

Further by means of necessary bending machines and the equipment the figured pattern, peaks and all other forms and elements is created. The main thing to watch that everything coincided with template. Having made one flight, it is possible to cut other steel rods of the necessary length further not to spend on it time before vykladyvaniye of each new section.

The skhvatyvaniye of all parts by means of spot welding will be the following step. At the same time it is necessary to watch correctness and flatness of connections. If everything is made qualitatively, then it is possible to start finishing welding. It is better for beginners to choose cold way of forging.

It is important to remember that elements need to be taken only slightly. It is necessary in order that further you had opportunity to make changes or to make shift.

According to such scheme the assembly of other sections is carried out.

After carrying out welding surely it is necessary to make cleaning of seams and also to zashkurit and cover all parts from metal with primer over which more even layer the protective composition of paint will lay down. By means of such processing it is possible not only to protect design from rust, but also to improve exterior of product, having created fully completed design.

Now it is possible to start mounting of sections. Their fixing to racks requires the device for welding and collars. In the course of fastening it is necessary to remember about places where the gate and gate will be put. The recommendations of experts say that it is better to collect flights on the firm basis, but not on weight.

If confidence in own forces as well as there is no enough free time, then today it is possible to order production of sections in workshops. However the cost of such services can be several times more, than autographic production of design.

On it all process of construction of shod fence own hands can be considered complete. It is a little patience, efforts and imagination, and the unique fence for the country site is ready! Work independently will help to save means on involvement of workers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team