How to manufacture skin of bear

How to manufacture skin of bear

Hunting is one of the most ancient male occupations. Today hunting represents one of branches of the national economy. Also similar occupation for some people represents type of sport and rest. And the specifics of this type of activity are that the proof of success of action and the superiority over fauna, as a rule, is certain trophy. For longer reminder on the feats as trophy usually leave skin. It is manufactured and constantly held in sight. For example, if it is skin of bear, it can be hung up on wall or to spread in legs at chair or sofa.


1. In order that it was possible to brag of skin of bear, it has to be appropriately processed and kept. If you hunt bear and are going to use his skin, think of it in advance not to spoil future trophy during hunting. Namely, evaluate distance from which you will hunt, and correctly pick up cartridges. After you have got animal, put or suspend him so that the skin was not soiled by blood, and fill up wounds with sawdust.

2. To skin, you will use one of below the described ways. For example, you will try to skin tube. For this purpose make section on inside which will pass from anus to hinder legs of animal. Then make one more small section from elbows to heels. Then accurately skin.

3. At way of removal of skin stocking make cuts around mouth, century, release ears and pull off skin as if stocking. So you on skin will have no excess opening, only natural.

4. When using any of the listed ways you remember that stones of tail and paws cannot be kept, they need to be moved away from skin, and it is obligatory to leave nose. After you have skinned, well clean off it from the remained pieces of meat and fat. Then remove all hypodermic of muscles. Stretch skin inner side outside on some waling. You carry out all cleaning only by blunt knife, otherwise you injure skin. After careful cleaning of inside wash all bruises, paying attention to places at paws, ears, nose, tail. After that twist skin pile outside and be engaged in arrangement of outer side of your trophy. Wash out and comb pile. After these actions pull accurately skin on bear spears and let's dry. You watch that the appeared gaps did not increase in drying time.

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