How to manufacture the grain crusher

How to manufacture the grain crusher

The grain crusher – the irreplaceable assistant for the poultry breeder and the cattle breeder at preparation of forages. It is similar to the big coffee grinder, the rotating knife cuts grain until it does not become less mesh aperture. The person who is fond of homemade products can make this device independently.

It is required to you

  • - motor from the vacuum cleaner;
  • - metal plate;
  • - grid;
  • - veneer sheet.


1. As the drive for the grain crusher you will be served by the motor from the old vacuum cleaner. The basis – square veneer sheet with sizes of 10х300х300 mm, from above install the electric motor, the shaft has to come down to 35-40 mm. Strengthen by means of washers, nut and the sleeve on its thread shank work element of the grain crusher - it is steel plate with thickness 1-1.5 mm. The size of its 15х210 mm with axial opening precisely in the middle, front edges of plate grind.

2. From metal strip 60 mm wide and 705 mm long contract the working chamber of the grain crusher. The ring-shaped body with diameter of 220 mm will turn out, 40 mm high. Unbend edges of the received ring on all perimeter outside, they form flanges with width of 10 mm for attachment to the plywood basis and accessions of sieve.

3. Pick up several types of grid and perforated disks with different size of cells and openings that, changing them to receive the necessary degree of grinding. Give grain from the bunker strengthened on the basis of. For collecting the processed grain use any suitable ware with diameter of 260-300 mm. It is possible to fix the grain crusher pins.

4. Other version of the crusher consists of the rotor and the stator. They do work of millstones, one rotates in another. On wooden box or stool place the electric motor which power will be equal to 1 kW on 220 V.K to it attach mill, the bearing standing in its central opening it will be put on engine shaft. The rotor will rotate on it to shaft, developing turns up to 3000 in minute.

5. The body of mill is similar to round candy box with a diameter of 348 mm. The stator is bottom of box with board of 5 cm, the cover will close crusher interiors. From above the body fix the bunker for grain by M4 screws. Below surely make sleeve boot.

6. Manufacture the stator of metal strip 2 mm thick and 54 mm wide. Bend it on circle, place in form and fill in with aluminum from one face. The cup with four-millimetric bottom will turn out. Cut corners of 20х20х50 mm, weld them on capacity board from within. Drill opening under shaft on the center of the stator.

7. The circle with a diameter of 322 mm will serve as preparation for the rotor, cut out it from 3 millimetric metal sheets. Carry out on it circle of 300 mm in the diameter and break into 32 identical sectors. In these points drill three-millimetric openings. Weld the sleeve with a diameter of 28х5 mm and 45 mm long on the center of the rotor.

8. Put the stator on shaft, then the rotor on spline and fix everything via the sleeve and shaft by pin. Record cover from above M6 screws.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team