How to melt brass

How to melt brass

Brass represents multicomponent alloy of copper with some other alloying elements. Products from brass have many useful qualities and are quite often used at production of the most various designs in practice of the house master. One of methods of primary treatment of brass is melting.

It is required to you

  • - muffle furnace;
  • - blow torch;
  • - blowpipe;
  • - crucible;
  • - wood charcoal;
  • - steel wire;
  • - form for metal smelting.


1. Prepare the muffle furnace in which fusion of brass and special fire-resistant material vessel will be carried out (crucible) where the initial material will be directly placed. Special metal nippers and fire-resistant support will be necessary for convenience of the address with crucible. Provide indoors where works, good ventilation will be conducted.

2. Place the crushed mass of brass in heat resisting crucible. It is desirable that pieces of metal were not excessively big; it will reduce melting time. Install crucible in the muffle furnace. By means of temperature regulator expose the required value (melting temperature of brass reaches 880-950 degrees). Turn on the furnace. If necessary control process of fusion through the window located in door of the muffle furnace.

3. After full melting of brass carefully open door, observing security measures, and take out crucible, having taken it nippers. On the surface of the melted metal the film is formed of oxides, remove it by means of piece of steel wire. Fill in the melted metal in in advance prepared casting mold.

4. In the absence of fixed equipment for melting of metals, use heating by means of blowpipe or normal blow torch. Set torch to steady position that the flame has been directed up, and then fix. On support from steel wire place heat resisting crucible with brass.

5. Include torch or blow torch. Establish such power of flame that it covered all lower face of fire-resistant vessel. As melting will happen at active air flow, process will be followed by strong oxidation of metal. To reduce oxidation, fill sufficient layer of the crushed wood charcoal on brass.

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