How to mount the glass shelf

How to mount the glass shelf

Glass shelves have taken strong positions in modern interior. Products from glass create feeling of zero gravity, ease and freedom, adding to the dwelling gloss and brightness. The glass surface is not afraid of moisture, is easily exempted from dust and, despite fragility, freely maintains heavy loads.

  • - glass surface;
  • - accessories set;
  • - brackets;
  • - construction level;
  • - electric drill.

1. Such difficult designs from glass as ladders, ceiling panels or kitchen aprons, the qualified specialist has to establish. But glass regiments belong to products which mounting can be carried out independently.

2. The knock-down glass shelf represents glass surface with openings, brackets and set of accessories. The bracket of the-shaped form has perpendicular surfaces. One of them serves for accession to the shelf, and another – for its mounting on wall.

3. At the very beginning of works on installation of the shelf apply bracket to openings in glass surface. Openings on glass and on bracket have to coincide absolutely. From set of accessories take bolts with secret hats and the nuts corresponding to them. By means of these bolts fasten bracket and the shelf, having tightened nuts against the stop, but it is not too strong. It will allow to avoid excess load on glass from compression.

4. After installation of brackets apply all design to wall surface in that place indoors where you wish to see the glass shelf. Expose it precisely across by means of the construction level laid on the glass shelf.

5. Construction pencil put down tags for future fastenings. Take power drill and establish on it drill of the same diameter that at fixture. Marker note fixture length on drill, having put them together. On wall in noted points drill openings for sling anchorages.

6. Insert fixtures into openings and tighten the fiksatsionny screw. Has to stick out of each opening on threaded rod 5-10 mm long. Openings of brackets put on the shelf on rods and record it nuts against the stop.

7. Put on decorative stubs the ends of fastenings. Depending on type of fastenings, the shelf can be mounted on wall by means of standard anchors or self-tapping screws with plastic dowels.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team