How to move fridge door

How to move fridge door

As a rule, doors at the fridge are hung on the right side. It is convenient in most cases. But how to be if planning of kitchen such is what at the right hinge plate it is inconvenient to fridge door to open or it is even impossible? The only option is to move fridge door on the opposite side. The benefit that such opportunity is put in the majority of modern fridges.

  • - normal and figured screw-drivers
  • - for separate types of fridges in addition wrench No. 8 or No. 10

1. First of all, make sure that your fridge has possibility of shift of door. Plastic stubs for fastening of the handle and rotary loops on the party of the door opposite to that on which they are hung and also on the fridge body demonstrate to it. In need of the additional parts provided by manufacturer at shift of door make sure of their availability in device set prior to mounting.

2. Switch-off the fridge, release shelves on door and remove them for the period of mounting. Dismantle the handle of door and put aside. In the presence of stubs on the bolts fixing door carefully remove them by means of flat blade screwdriver. Holding door, turn off fastenings of door from the fridge. Remove door and accurately put it on floor.

3. Turn off rotary loops from door. Remove stubs of openings under loops from the opposite side of door and establish them in those openings in which there were fastening bolts before.

4. Then, if to move fridge door, the manufacturer has provided the same loops, fasten them to door specularly to their opposite previous situation. If other parts are applied to opposite hinge plate, be verified with on operation.

5. Find on the stub fridge body under fastening of rotary loops on the left side of the fridge. Take out them and rearrange in used to this opening on the right side. Lift door, put it to the fridge and fasten loops, since top. If necessary adjust them.

6. Install the door handle on the new place.

7. Pay attention: in some models of fridges after pereveska of door also reinstallation of the sensor of opening of door is required. For this purpose also mounting holes from the party opposite to the current situation of the sensor have to be provided.

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