How to move the building

How to move the building

The first transfer of the building has been executed in 1455. The Italian architect Aristotle Fiorovanti has moved the bell tower of church of Saint Mark on 105 meters. Mass shifting of buildings in the 30th years when, according to new master plan, broadened highways practiced in Russia, conducted construction of new buildings, created green zones and avenues. To lift the house and to move is difficult, laborious and responsible work. Therefore it is better to entrust relocation of the house to competent and experienced experts who have the necessary equipment and experience of performance of similar works.


1. There are several technologies of relocation of houses. Each building has design features which need to be considered, choosing way of movement. Buildings on rigid frame and with flat roof lift from the earth the special hydraulic equipment. Then under the house enclose special skating rinks. On them lower the building and gradually move design to the right place. After that process is repeated upside-down – lift the house and remove skating rinks. Sometimes at the same time use rails on which rollers move. With the help the rail is more than chances to avoid deformations. To move buildings with roof in such a way it will not turn out as it is too rigid construction. It is impossible to move the house which has no strong frame - it there is nothing will lift.

2. Easier way of transfer of the house – with use of hoisting crane. For this purpose also the truck with the big platform will be required. If it is necessary to move the house on small distance, quicker and more simply to make it in such a way. The only restriction here - the weight of the building should not exceed possibilities of the equipment. Besides, the dimensional construction equipment will be able to approach not each site.

3. If you have decided to move the house, it is necessary to carry out certain preparation of the building. At any movement the house can "lead". Therefore establish in advance internal bracing and as much as possible "soften" design. If it is required, repair foundation of the house or strengthen it. It is the best of all to carry out movement at dense soil to provide the best emphasis for the used equipment. In the winter of the house it is simpler to transport due to soil freezing.

4. You make shifting of the house under the official contract. Do not trust such responsible and complex business to "shabashnik" – it will be difficult to ask for breakage of the building from them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team