How to move things

How to move things

Do you drive to the new apartment, have decided to make shift in the house, have bought new thing and want to find it the place? Means, it is necessary to think of how it is correct to organize space indoors. On paper or in thoughts everything turns out rather simply, but how to move heavy things, without having spoiled at the same time walls, floor and furniture?


1. It is the simplest to employ, of course, at labor exchange or according to the announcement (on entrance, in the newspaper, on the Internet) people who will make everything for you, or to agree with acquaintances who will help to cope with heavy things.

2. If you have decided to make everything alone, first of all try to reduce the weight of that thing which you are going to move. If it is bookcase, take from it all books. If you are going to move sofa or chair – remove all pillows, get all products, regiments and pallets from the fridge.

3. For convenience it is possible to stick or fix by adhesive tape of door of the moved cabinet (bedside tables, table with drawers), otherwise in the course of movement they can open and complicate to you task.

4. The floor surface on which you are going to move furniture has to be dry. Moisture will only increase resistance and will complicate movement process.

5. Not to scratch floors, under legs of the moved furniture it is necessary to enclose something. For these purposes use different objects and materials: pieces of felt or dense rags, polyethylene covers, crude potatoes and packages covered with paraffin from under milk. The main thing that the used subject or material was rather dense not to tear under furniture weight, and rather soft not to spoil floor surface.

6. To enclose under cabinet (or other furniture) the necessary material, cabinet it is necessary to raise. To often make it can be difficult therefore apply "the rule of the lever". Under bottom of the lifted subject enclose strong board, and under board – small bar. Having provided load of the free end of board (for example, having stepped on it), it is possible just to raise more quickly and cabinet or other furniture.

7. If you are going "to roll" furniture, supporting it for one edge, will be to place "the isolating material" enough only from that party on which the thing will lean. If you want to move it (to drag on floor), then it is necessary to enclose material on both sides and under each leg.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team