How to multiply chrysanthemum

How to multiply chrysanthemum

Beautiful magnificent bushes of chrysanthemum it is indisputable will decorate any personal plot. It is possible to make multiple copies this plant species in several ways, observing recommendations and professional advice.


1. The most widespread method of reproduction of chrysanthemums – vegetative: separation of mature root young growth from uterine bush or cherenkovaniye. Therefore in advance decide on possible way.

2. Consider: it is recommended to make multiple copies plant during the spring period when time of frosts and cold snap has passed. If the planting stock at you has appeared closer by fall, land it no later than September. The chrysanthemum has to take roots before frosts. If you have not managed to plant plant, plant it in superficial wide pot, having low cut off. Thus, you keep sapling till spring. You store capacity in well aired room with optimum temperature of 4-6 degrees, systematically humidifying the soil.

3. At the correct leaving and development of plant cherenkovany you see off at the end of March – the beginning April. For this purpose by means of sharp knife (secateurs) cut off shoot 6-8 cm long with several leaflets. Pay attention: the basis of shank should not be strongly soft (it is subject to rotting) or rigid (delays development).

4. Process the cut-off shanks growth factor. It is possible to get this means in specialized shop. After that start rooting of plant.

5. Land shoots in in advance prepared container with soil. For this purpose independently make mix of humus, lands (coarse sand) and perlite (in the ratio 1:1:2) or buy ready substrate. Within 15-20 days provide to plant temperature of 18-20 degrees and high humidity. For the best result cover capacity with glass or polyethylene film, regularly airing it.

6. The taken roots shoots land to the open ground according to the scheme 25х25 cm. Do not forget about the correct care for chrysanthemum: loosening, watering and timely fertilizing by mineral and organic fertilizers.

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