How to multiply clematis

How to multiply clematis

Clematis – the beautiful curling semi-bush which reaches 1-3 m of height. Its colourful, magnificent and long blossoming does not leave anybody indifferent. Clematis flowers, very large and various on coloring, perfectly look both on personal plot, and on the balcony. The clematis contains more than 200 versions. He, as well as many other plants of shrubby type, breeds by cherenkovaniye, layers and division of bush.


1. Cherenkovaniye. It is the fastest way of reproduction of clematis. Start cherenkovaniye prior to blossoming. The optimum shank for reproduction of clematis is chosen from 3-5 summer bushes, at the height of 20-25 cm from soil, it is desirable with one knot (dyne of 3-5 cm). Sharp knife cut off stalk slightly lower than a knot. Then cut off upper part, over knot. Remove on the one hand all leaves and part of stalk (cut). On other party leave 2-3 leaflets, remove the others. So it will be easier for shank to keep moisture. Plant shanks in mix of bank sand and peat and it is abundant water. It is possible to add growth factor (is on sale in the large sadovnichesky centers) to water, so you will accelerate process of formation of roots. For the winter cover shanks with box or film. Replace clematis to the constant place in the spring.

2. Reproduction by layers. In the bush basis at the end of May beginning of June make superficial groove (5-7 cm) in which put young stalk. Leave top outside, and fill up knots of escape with soil. Regularly water the dug escapes and 2-3 times make bait. For this purpose on 10 l of water part 1 teaspoon of sulfate of potassium, 1 teaspoon of urea, 1 teaspoon of superphosphate and 1 tablespoon of the accelerator of growth. By fall roots are formed, and by spring young escapes will go. You do not hurry to replace them. The optimum period of change – fall. Separate layers from uterine plant and separate on the taken roots knots. Now replace to the constant place.

3. Reproduction by division of bush. The healthy, well developed bush is divided in the early spring. Cut clematis so that on each bush there were about 2-5 kidneys and good root system. From one bush 2-3 independent plants turn out. The same way also replace clematis from place to place. When landing to the constant place do not forget to moisten soil. Till fall it is necessary to lure also 2-3 times plant.

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