How to multiply crassula

How to multiply crassula

Crassula – symbol of success, prosperity and stable income. It is considered that it is capable to attract good luck and wealth to the house. At the correct leaving the monetary tree will grow all the year round and to give shanks by means of which it is possible to multiply plant. Process of rooting of shanks proceeds quickly for this reason the crassula well is suitable for cultivation. Except cherenkovaniye, it is possible to multiply plant also sheet plate.

It is required to you

  • - shanks or leaf;
  • - soil;
  • - any medicine for fast formation of roots.


1. Reproduction cherenkamivnimatelno examine the crassula on availability of shoots. It is important that the plant was adult and rather created. Shanks can be pinched off only after they reach ten centimeters, it is better not to touch shorter, and to give them time to get stronger.

2. It is possible to implant shanks at once in water or disembarkation in soil. For bigger effect dry the available shoot a little, having left it for some time in shadow. Then place it in the small capacity half filled with boiled water. You watch that on leaves direct sunshine did not get. In two or three weeks there will be first backs. And it means that the plant can already be planted in pot.

3. For rooting in the soil prepare in advance soil in which you will plant shoot. It is the best of all to use the earth mixed with sand, at the bottom of pot surely there has to be drainage. Make small deepening in the soil, accurately place shoot and powder it, but do not stamp as the earth has to remain a little friable. Do not fill in plant, otherwise the shank will begin to rot. It is recommended to water in process of drying of earth lump. During rooting try to provide to crassula rest and not to transfer it from place to place.

4. Reproduction to listyamiluchsha of all sluggish leaves take root. For this reason leave leaf for day in the place protected from the sun in the beginning, and later start rooting. Lower leaf in vial of water, you watch that the lower part has plunged into water on 0.5 cm. It is in addition possible to add any medicine which will promote fast korneobrazovaniye. Leave capacity in the light and warm place before emergence of roots.

5. To implant leaf in the soil, prikopayta its lower part in the earth on small depth. You watch closely condition of soil and do not allow excess of humidity, otherwise there can be rotting. If desired it is possible to make small small greenery, having covered plant with film or normal glass. Several times a day open the created hotbed to air a little the soil and plant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team