How to multiply pineapple

How to multiply pineapple

Pineapple is perennial grassy plant with the dense socket of leaves. Beautiful leaves, rigid, reaching up to one meter in length. The adult plant can have the size to two meters diameter and one meter in height. However it is valuable thanks to the fragrant fruits by means of which the plant can be multiplied.


1. So, you have bought fruit of pineapple in shop and have conceived it to multiply. It is possible to make it in several ways.

2. Examine fruit and estimate freshness of cop of fruit. It has to be green, healthy, without any damages. Glance in cop, there has to be top kidney, sometimes it is deleted to increase the fruit size. If such kidney is absent, then to multiply plant it will not turn out and if cop bright green with top kidney, then it it is possible to implant, otherwise try to grow up pineapple from seeds.

3. To receive seeds, cut fruit, take out seeds, wash out them in weak solution of potassium permanganate and dry. Then seed in container with the friable soil, water with warm water, cover with glass or film and put to the warm solar place. Pineapple – thermophilic plant, and the is lighter and is warmer, the better. Approximately in three-four weeks, seedlings will appear. Water them and spray with warm water. When plants enough get stronger, their raspikiruyta in separate pots. Choose small and not deep flat dishes.

4. The second way is to implant fruit top. Cut off cop as low as possible not to damage leaves. Strew cut with wood ashes or wood pounded charcoal. Dry it during couple of days.

5. Pave the nutritious way. Mix peat, sand and the sheet earth in equal proportions. On bottom of pot fill drainage from haydite as pineapple does not love stagnation of water, and soil. From above fill the washed-out bank sand layer in two centimeters. Water.

6. Slightly press shank into damp soil. Put on plastic bag and put this improvised small greenery on the windowsill located directly over the battery as the plant needs to create tropical conditions. Water plant and remove condensate from the inside of film.

7. Approximately in month the shank will take roots. As soon as it has occurred, remove package, accustoming plant to dry air. Spray plant. In two months replace top in mix of the cespitose, sheet earth, peat and humus (all in equal proportions). For good growth feed up pineapple infusion of mullein or bird's dung.

8. At good leaving the plant gives children who it will be possible to implant too. Best of all children from pazushny kidneys of leaves though it is possible to implant successfully and radical children are suitable for this purpose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team