How to multiply the Decembrist

How to multiply the Decembrist

Well-groomed and correctly grown up shlyumberger truncated or shlyumberger of curls (these types are given preference by the Russian flower growers), better known in the people under the name the Decembrist or zygocactus, steadily pleases the owners with magnificent blossoming in winter months. According to statements of psychologists, this flower helps to worry long winter to people, lonely and inclined to depressions. For only one it it can tell thanks. True fans of the Decembrist are always glad to share the flower with those who have no it. It is rather simple to multiply it.


1. Wait when the Decembrist prospers (normally it is the end of February), and separate several final fragments (shanks) of plant. Each of them has to have 2-3 segments. They separate very easily.

2. Put shanks on paper and leave them for 1-2 days for seasoning in the dark, but well aired place.

3. While shanks are slightly dried, prepare the earth. Take by the 1st part of the sheet, cespitose and peat earth, 1 part of bank sand, and it is a little brick crumbs. At the bottom of pot arrange drainage from haydite. If there is no opportunity to prepare soil, buy ready cactus soil in specialized shop. Fill up the earth in spacious and superficial pot.

4. Place shanks in the humidified earth vertically, without burying (they have to stand kind of on earth surface). To accelerate rooting process, it is possible to cover pot with film or can. Do not forget to air landings from time to time. Having watered with warm water moderated, it is not necessary to spill all layer of the earth to drainage.

5. As soon as you see emergence of new segments on shanks, remove film and begin to look after the Decembrist, as behind adult plant. That is water with otstoyanny water of room temperature (the flower does not transfer cold water), do not allow moisture surplus in order to avoid rotting and dying off of roots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team