How to open back cover of hours

How to open back cover of hours

Watch is the mechanism wearable on wrist of the left or right hand serving for definition of time and measurement of periods. The most widespread types of hours: mechanical, quartz, electronic. Presently the watch became also goods of luxury and status, defining social status of the owner in society. The first watch has appeared in France in 1809, their mass production has begun only in 1880 in Switzerland.

It is required to you

  • For opening of cover of hours it is required to you:
  • - sharp knife;
  • - small screw-driver;
  • - cotton tampon;
  • - cologne or alcohol.


1. To remove back cover of hours attentively examine their back part. Apply magnifying glass to exact survey. The cover can be fastened by o'clock by threaded collar, on several small bolts, to get out entirely or just to be latched. Put hours on table, having enclosed soft fabric, glass down. Take cotton tampon, moisten it with cologne or alcohol. Carefully wipe the place of joining of cover and the watch case. There, as a rule, a lot of dirt and fat from our skin accumulates. After the main washing, wipe cover and all watch case with clean tampon.

2. To open the cover withheld by threaded collar find on it deepenings for which it is possible to be hooked. Such deepenings can be from 4 to several. Hook the screw-driver for deepening and try to rotate ring counterclockwise. If the ring has moved a little, continue to turn off it the screw-driver, then hands. Having exempted cover from locking ring, find the acting uvula at cover, usually it is filled to the place where there is switching mechanism handle. Pick up it the screw-driver, the cover will open. Unscrew the cover which is getting out entirely also as ring. On such cover there are deepenings for untwisting too.

3. If you have cover on bolts, take the screw-driver and try to turn off bolts. If their risochka for the screw-driver are very small, then it is possible to take stationery knife with sharp tip and to turn off bolts. They should be turned off not around, and in turn, unscrewing following, located opposite to previous. Under cover at hours if they pylevlagonepronitsayemy, the plastic mating ring lies. Accurately put bolts in some small plateau, there put cover and mating ring.

4. Open the latched cover, having taken sharp knife. Find at such cover small deepening on the edge, it is kind of pressed in cover. Push there accurately knife, hook cover, it will easily open.

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