How to open mill

How to open mill

The mill flour-grinding represents the enterprise which is carrying out processing of grain on flour. Now you will also not meet the real wooden mill. The modern equipment considerably differs from the predecessors and carries out large volumes of processing, providing additional disinfecting of grain when receiving flour, prolonging the term of its storage.

1. Modern mills for grain have design of desktop type which consists of frame, with the body installed on it with the electric motor and feed hopper. For installation of mill you will need the shop equipped with power electrical wiring, protective planimetric grounding and distribution panel and also supply and exhaust ventilation. You make connection of mill to power supply according to the instruction. Execute wires of the route, necessary for connection, in steel pipes.

2. For service of mill one operator suffices. Before inclusion of mill purify the preserving lubricant from contacts of the actuator. Check condition of the actuator and engine and also ground resistance, insulation resistance of wires, resistance between bolt of grounding and any surface of part of mill, available to contact, which can be energized. Connect mill to the power supply network, having in addition checked compliance of mains voltage and electric equipment.

3. Check rotor rotating direction (truly - clockwise if you take a detached view the rotor grinder). Check installation of receiving tray for safety. Prepare supply of grain for the place of loading.

4. Press the Start-up button on the actuator and close valve. Fill up grain in charging bin. For a start establish valve on the bunker on the minimum giving. To achieve the maximum capacity of mill, without overloading the electric motor, gradually increase grain supply.

5. Through dosing apparatus grain spontaneously comes to crushing zone from feed hopper. At the expense of the rotating hammer rotor, grain is rejected to inside face of sound board that promotes its crushing. Further there is sifting through sieve then the received fraction comes to receiving tray. By means of rubber plait the receiving sleeve or bag for transportation of products of grinding in capacity is put on receiving tray. Fineness of grinding can be controlled, having pulled out holder and having replaced grid. Establish holder on the former place. The grid has to be located below. During operating time control availability of raw materials in the bunker, operation of the electric motor, reliability of fastening of receiving tray.

6. In one hour of continuous operation take break for 5 minutes for cooling. At failure detection (strong heating of the engine, noise, sparking) switch off mill, and start fault repair. After break block supply of grain and start the electric motor. Further establish by valve necessary supply of grain.

7. After completion of work check condition of electric equipment, teeths of sound board and hammers, sifting grids. If the grid is hammered, clean it with simple stirring.

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