How to open the broken lock

Even the most high-quality and expensive locks break. There is it always at the wrong time and inopportunely. The lock wants to be opened quicker, but at the same time not to damage door and jamb. Ways which you can use are rather various, everything depends on circumstances which can complicate situation considerably.


1. It is possible to try to open the lock most, it is quite possible that the mechanism at last will work, and the door will be opened. After a number of fruitless attempts it is possible to call to the aid the neighbor with drill and other tools. But imagine consequences of such intervention! Then expensive repair of door and box can be required.

2. Try to unscrew the handle and to disassemble the lock, having taken the screw-driver from the neighbor, but it can work only with old models of locks. Modern key ironmongery is made more reliable.

3. Address in ZhEU and call the mechanic. But it can quite refuse to help you, being afraid of possible claims because of the damaged property.

4. If in the apartment there was small child or you have forgotten to switch off gas under pan, cause service of rescue. They will arrive quickly and will render you the qualified help. Accurately explain situation to the dispatcher, list all circumstances of the incident.

5. Rescuers, of course, will not arrive if at you the lock has just broken, and there is no danger to life and health of citizens. In that case call help desk and learn the phone number of some firm which renders services to the inhabitants who have fallen into such state.

6. In most the companies which are engaged in installation of doors there are experts who will cope with any locks. The call and work of the master are expensive, but you will get to the apartment, and the same person will consult you about your further actions for acquisition of the new lock.

7. All latching mechanisms different also demand individual approach. It is quite possible that your lock and is not broken, and it is possible to repair it that will cost to you cheaper, than installation of new product. Think over options which will be offered to you by the expert.

8. If you are afraid of repetition of situation, ask to put after opening of the old castle another, more reliable and qualitative.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team