How to open the coded lock on door

How to open the coded lock on door

The coded lock is a locking and unlocking device which allows to open door without key, but by means of the special combination consisting of digits. The code is typed on the keyboard which is located on the panel of outer door. Advantage of this device in comparison with normal locks unconditional. But the coded lock has also minuses. It is the opening confidential code. People often forget it as for safety it changes each half a year.


1. It is rather simple to open push-button mechanical locks. Look narrowly attentively. Often at long use of certain code some buttons on the lock are jammed because of frequent pressing. It is known that many combinations consist of three-four digits. Around buttons on the surface of the lock quite often the paint cracked or at all is absent. You can also pick up the necessary numerical combination for this sign.

2. If the surface of the coded lock and button, located on it, differ in nothing from each other, then it is possible to apply other way. Look at the surface of buttons at slantwise the falling rays of light, under certain corner. The opening combination will differ a little in color, buttons are hardly jammed. Such way is good only if the code was not changed long ago or only during daylight hours.

3. In many cases the code of the lock is written by chalk on the door or on walls. It is done by elderly people who have owing to age bad memory, or small children not to forget. These notes, as a rule, are located at the level of eyes for convenience. In such cases about safety out of the question. Anyone can use the written code combination and come into entrance.

4. There is one more way to open the lock. In turn press the lock buttons whether to reveal easily some keys utaplivatsya in the panel. Those which are easier pressed, perhaps and are part of the code. Springs under such buttons are most stretched. It can be revealed by tactile method.

5. All methods described above will help you to cope with such obstacle as the coded lock. In code combination buttons which are located far apart or, on the contrary, in the same row are seldom used. At the same time the code has to be simple and convenient to press it one hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team