How to organize condominium

How to organize condominium

The Condominium (C) – the organization consisting of residents activists, and created for independent management of activity of residential building. How to register condominium?

It is required to you

  • - the documents confirming property;
  • - civil passports of responsible persons.


1. Create initiative group. The initiative group has to be created only from residents or future owners apartments in your house.

2. File to regional administration petition for the organization of condominium. The statement has to comprise requests of providing the list of apartments of the house with the indication of its area, approval of candidacy of the representative from condominium who will be responsible in adoption of all decisions of future condominium, and also any wishes and requests concerning the future of your house.

3. Spend preparation for the first meeting of residents of yours at home. For this purpose work the Charter of your future condominium, prepare sheets of vote. Inform all residents of the house on the forthcoming meeting not later than 10 days before its carrying out.

4. Hold general meeting of residents of the house. At the first meeting obligatory questions are the adoption of the charter of condominium and the choice of way of management of the house (independent or with involvement of management company). In the course of holding meeting the protocol has to be kept, it is the document which on an equal basis with sheets of vote confirms the fact of the taken place meeting.

5. Register condominium of your house. Registration is carried out bodies of federal registration service of your region.

6. Carry out the procedure of reception-transmission of the house to association. The house is transferred to condominium on the basis of the corresponding delivery-acceptance certificate and also technical and operational documentation to residential building.

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