How to organize game zone in the one-room apartment

How to organize game zone in the one-room apartment

Small-sized apartments are not really convenient for families with children – there is catastrophically not enough place for games and entertainments. But even in the one-room apartment it is possible to equip the place for games, it is only necessary to allocate the necessary zone and to equip it with functional devices.

1. Allocate the necessary space. Best of all one of room corners approaches, it is possible near window or, on the contrary, in the opposite direction. Depending on what you are going to place, choose necessary space.

2. Establish sports complex. This option of game zone is successful in terms of advantage for the child and is most economic in space sense. The Swedish wall, rings for pulling up, bars and the top crossbeams – the minimum set will provide to the child comfort and fascinating pastime.

3. Organize in corner the pool with small balls. Pick up soft cubes of the big size and delimit them corner – fill up it with small balls, imitating the entertaining room. On sides of "pool" spread out favourite toys, and on perimeter of construction it is possible to start up the toy railroad. Over complex establish wall lamp with amusing design, and under balls lay warm thick carpet.

4. Get ready complex. Children's sets from work table and bunk bed are very convenient and functional – the second floor can be made sleeping, and to below organize game zone. As a rule, cabinet furniture easily develops and moves therefore you will be able to arrange position of separate blocks under your needs. The steps conducting on the second floor can hide boxes for toys and books, and the design can remind the fantastic lock, tent or tent.

5. Put children's tent. Pick up interesting form – in the form of the real tent, small lodge, dome, small hut, etc. It is simple to establish such design, and in case of need she can always be moved or moved away easily to other place. The child will receive certain "dwelling", will place the toys there.

6. Fence off the place small podium. Height of such protection has to correspond to age of the child – he has to get quietly on it and go down, without being afraid to fall. The lower part of podium can be equipped under cabinets where toys will be stored, on walls to beat the big toy clock, to put doll lodge, etc. The game zone should be fenced off translucent curtain (like the Roman curtain), to separate screen or to build wooden small fence with gate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team