How to organize space

How to organize space

The space around you is not only tangible rooms of your apartment, but also intangible aura which you create around yourself. And all events which happen to you depend on how you have equipped space. Therefore when there is a wish for changes, or it is necessary to solve specific objective, pay attention to the organization of space.

It is required to you

  • Time, money - in case of repair and purchase of new things.


1. If you set the grandiose purposes, and houses you have not creative disorder, then will constantly interfere with you something. To understand edge between creativity and disorder simply: inspect your apartment. If to you very comfortably now, you are not irritated scattered on floor, chair and table of thing, so disorder creative. However be not engaged in self-deception.

2. Remove all superfluous of the apartment, get rid of things which you do not carry. Perhaps, for once it will not manage to be made. Superfluous – all this that it grieves you to throw out. About what is necessary the thought to throw out simply does not arise. Answer honestly question: how long to you has it stopped being necessary? Believe to change life, it is necessary to throw out all unnecessary. Otherwise in any way.

3. Fill space not by the principle "not worse, than at them" and so that it became your house. Pieces of furniture have to be functional, should not prevent movement, should not irritate eye.

4. Show consideration for color gamma and the invoice of walls, floor, ceilings, curtains, for lighting. Colors and textures not only create visual effects of space (for example, do the room more), but also affect health and activity. They can be corrected lighting. Each trifle is important.

5. Be engaged in your personal space. The principle here they are to remove all superfluous. Do only those things which are really necessary to you. Ruthlessly reject all the rest. Do not shelve business if on that there are no powerful reasons. The more you pull, the it will be more difficult to get down to business.

6. You spend time only with those people with whom you want to spend it. It will bring you forces.

7. You follow the thread of behind the thoughts. Positive thoughts attract good in your life, organize space as it is required to you. Negative – do everything on the contrary. Even if to you badly now, believe in yourself, and smile to yourself even if it is tense. It will lead to the fact that you will smile sincerely soon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team