How to organize storage of things in cabinet

How to organize storage of things in cabinet

The problem "is a lot of things, and there is nothing to put on" is familiar to much. Often for its decision it is not obligatory to run in shop and to buy something new. It is enough to touch the clothes only carefully. And that similar difficulties arose as seldom as possible, it is necessary to organize correctly order in cabinet.


1. Pull out all things from the cabinet, having put them on floor or on sofa. Shelves, boxes and hangers have to be absolutely empty. Only this way you will manage to make everything correctly. Sort clothes, footwear and accessories depending on use frequency. At you four small groups have to be formed. The first: things which are put on daily or in a day or two. The second: the fact that once a week rushes. The third: the fact that the minimum of times a month is put on. And the last consists of what hangs untouched more than one seasons.

2. Take two big packages and sort the fourth group of things. Safely put in package on emission of thing which have lost exterior: have stretched, have faded, have become covered by pellets or the eaten spots. Kind of it grieved you to leave, make with them it is necessary in order that new clothes or footwear have come to their place. Perhaps, you will find something interesting and qualitative, thrown in depth of cabinet and forgotten there. Put it aside. All other things which are in good condition, but have ceased to please to you, became small or big, pack into the second package. They can be distributed to relatives or to give on charity.

3. If the space in cabinet allows, hang up winter and demi-season clothes in separate section. As a last resort it can be packed into covers and to carry to the storeroom, on the attic or to put on mezzanine. Touch the third group of things. Honestly answer yourself questions: "Why I carry it seldom?", whether "I will carry it more often?". If desire to carry some thing has not appeared, give it or you will throw out.

4. Hang out things from the first and second group on sections: trousers, skirts, blouses, etc. Use narrow hangers, they will reduce the taken place in cabinet. What rushes more often have closer. Such principle will allow to see all available things, having reduced time for selection of skirt to shirt or cardigan to dress. For example, for working dress code hang up the settled sets on some coat hanger. Jeans, t-shirts, undershirts and jumpers which can stretch need to be folded piles on shelves. For underwear, tights and socks use boxes. Allocate one shelf under bed linen. For convenience pack each set into pillowcases.

5. Do not throw out box from under footwear, they can be useful for storage. If you have already got rid of them, place footwear on low shelves or special metal holders. For storage of belts, scarfs and scarfs it is possible to use normal hanger. Tie on it accessories and hang up in cabinet. It is convenient to store bags on the top shelves of cabinet, having made them in a row depending on season or coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team