How to organize the children's room

How to organize the children's room

In the children's room or "personal corner" of the child its taste, his understanding about the organization of living space arises. It is influenced by pieces of furniture, elements of decor, toy and color registration of the room. When choosing all situation of the children's room do not forget to consider councils of psychologists and pediatricians.

It is required to you

  • - furniture of the children's room;
  • - finishing repair materials;
  • - toys;
  • - apparatuses.


1. The choice of furniture often depends on financial position of family therefore the nursery can be arranged with qualitative furniture "for growth" or to choose the situation corresponding to age of the child. In the second option it is necessary to change often all pieces of furniture, but it is good for the correct development of children.

2. Not only the choice of furniture can cause difficulties, but also finishing of the room, its color scheme. If the child already was above infantile age and has own opinion, show it several pictures with photos of situation of the nursery which you will be able really to realize. Only warn that the room can differ a little from the picture not to cause strong disappointment in the kid.

3. Draw the plan of the room taking into account length of walls and the sizes of door and window. Apply all data on the drawing. On the furniture websites often give also the sizes of objects that people could calculate carefully arrangement of bed, cabinets, table in the room. There are also special programs which will help you to choose optimum the place for each piece of furniture.

4. Also the choice of finishing materials is not less important for the children's room. Experts recommend to cover ceiling with limy plaster. It can be and color, both with ornament, and with the drawing. Over bed it is possible to draw stars and the moon, and to provide other ceiling to bright sun.

5. For walls choose the paper "breathing" wall covering or modern paint which is not soiled and passes air. Do not do total aggressive color when finishing walls. Give preference to joyful tones which do not cause concern. Lime, apricot, light green color practically never bother.

6. The floor of the children's room has to be heat-insulated, not slippery and it is easy to give in to cleaning. It can be the laminated parquet which has antistatic qualities. It is better to choose carpet having latex or jute basis, with natural pile, with fire-prevention processing.

7. Organize several zones in the room – sleeping, working and game. Put desk with bookshelves near window to do not miss natural lighting. Bed arrange in dark cozy corner. Put all toys in baskets or chests near fluffy rug as children like to play on floor.

8. For ensuring physical development of the child buy several apparatuses which will easily be located in the nursery. It can be the jump ropes, balls, hoops, small bright gantelk, punching bag and other objects developing body of the kid.

9. Do not miss the slightest trifle at the organization of space in the children's room, healthy and happy life of your child depends on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team