How to organize the place for fire

How to organize the place for fire

To meet evenings at fire, to look at tongues of flame, to bake something on openly fire. To enjoy the nature "with smoke", it is necessary to be prepared a little for a start. Something else it is possible to equip the comfortable center, brazier, the tandoor, the street furnace or the hands. But it is necessary to consider number of the moments.

If desire to organize fire spontaneous, then, of course, on massive construction of time is not. Also it is possible to begin with small – to make the place for bonfire. But with observance of fire safety regulations.

What it is important to consider during creation of the place for fire

  • It is necessary to create the place for fire far away from buildings, trees (at least 7-8 meters) and also far from the car, tent and other objects.
  • Protect site on which you are going to make fire, from other territory solid nonflammable building material. Use big stones, bricks, sand-gravel mix or iron sheets. Anything that is near at hand.

You remember, the stone border perfectly holds heat and heat. Also it accumulates heat and after fire goes out, gives heat for a long time.

As reliable protection sheets from metal or metal bowl, ring, bottom from iron/aluminium barrel, old rim, unnecessary metal basin, etc. will serve. In the latter case any more for the organization of the place for fire it is not necessary to do anything.

Bricks, even old, accurately laid out on site and also established in the form of side (put brick on edge) – quick good way to part bonfire. And if bricks are not enough, then just dig hole, having removed the turf and having dug through on depth about 30-50 cm, frame it with bricks and you make fire.

To prepare

Have conceived to bake potato on fire, to fry shish kebab or to cook in cauldron fish soup? Then it is necessary to take care of comfort of the cook.

  • Put on bricks grid, and before you ready brazier.
  • Only coals will be necessary for roasting of potatoes, and sausages or shish kebab are fried on skewers. By the way, naked flame is undesirable to them, meat should be baked on coals.
  • If you have conceived to cook chorba, fish soup or pilaf in cauldron (or kettle), then it is necessary to provide design by means of which you will reliably suspend kettle over fire. The successful option is to collect the mini-center from bricks or stones, on it the cauldron of any form can just be set up from above. If you want fire more, then use metal design for installation of kettle.

Comfort for the company

You have organized the place for fire. But it is necessary to think also of comfort.

It is possible to use any chairs suitable for application on the street. Quite folding-chairs, country furniture from plastic, tree or rattan will approach.

Are convenient and very much seat mats from round logs in a marching way look. If there is possibility of log better to oshkurit. Sitting make of large stones, of bricks (cover from above with pillows for cosiness). Or put normal wooden fellings stumps around fire.

At last, it is possible to establish stationary wooden benches or benches around bonfire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team