How to pack things before moving

How to pack things before moving

Moving - the responsible event, and to it is necessary correctly will be prepared, having carefully packed things. You can use services of professionals or put the property independently. Anyway you should not do it in the last hours - you risk to forget something, and carelessly put objects can suffer on the way.

It is required to you

  • - cardboard boxes;
  • - bags;
  • - packing film;
  • - adhesive tape;
  • - film just for decoration;
  • - sheets of cardboard;
  • - paper.


1. In advance prepare packaging materials. Cardboard boxes, strong bags, film, ropes, adhesive tape and also paper and stickers will be necessary for you for labels. All necessary can be got in the specialized companies which are engaged in transportation, a lot of things are got in hardware stores. Boxes can be taken in any departments of household appliances or products.

2. Begin packing with mezzanines and distant cabinets. In process carry out analysis of things. The broken household appliances, old newspapers and magazines, unnecessary clothes and toys should be thrown out or given. Pack nonseasonal clothes, spare bedding, sports equipment and other things of long storage into strong double bags and wind with adhesive tape.

3. The next stage - packing of books and papers. Books can be put in boxes, but to pack them in film much more conveniently, so paper will not suffer at accidental water ingress. Sort books by the sizes and pile them. Enclose everyone in refuse sack, and then wind with film. Be careful with corners of covers, they are easily deformed. For reliability of pile it is possible to fix by adhesive tape. Make of it handles, so it will be more convenient to loaders to transfer books. Sort papers and put in separate strong packages. It is better for photo to decompose on big paper envelopes.

4. To skatyvayta in rolls also place clothes in double plastic bags. It is possible to put it in suitcases or bags. Fold footwear in plastic bags and place in bags with clothes. The shoes and boots laid thus are not deformed. It is better to transport especially valuable copies in cardboard boxes.

5. In advance prepare household appliances. Get all products of their fridge, defreeze it. Pack the small equipment into boxes and shift crumpled paper or rags. The TV can be turned in blanket, and to envelop atop furniture film.

6. Pack ware into cardboard boxes, shifting objects bubbly film, corrugated cardboard and crumpled paper. As laying it is possible to use kitchen towels and other textiles. You watch that metal objects have not got to boxes with crystal and porcelain.

7. Release all cabinets and boxes of dressers, and then envelop furniture the film protecting tree from damages. Choose special film with self-adhesive edges. If you have decided to sort furniture, put all small parts and screws in the separate signed package that there were no problems with assembly on the new place. Place mirrors and glass regiments between two sheets of cardboard and draw adhesive tape.

8. Sign all boxes and bags. It is convenient to use stickers of different color, on them loaders will understand at once where to bring things. For example, all parcels and bales with children's things can be designated by green stickers, to mark kitchen utensils pink, and objects from the living room - blue. Especially mark boxes with fragile things - ware, knickknacks, perfumery.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team