How to paint brick

How to paint brick

Coloring of brick can be not only the interesting solution of decorative registration of your house, but also saving means for it. Timely coloring of brick wall stops and prevents its further destruction, doing your house is stronger. The most important stage in this process is preparation of wall.

It is required to you

  • - bleaching powder solution;
  • - rigid brushes;
  • - rollers;
  • - trowel;
  • - chisel;
  • - cement;
  • - solution on the basis of organic acids;
  • - hydrophobisator.


1. Prepare wall for painting. Clean brick from white raid which is called wall saltpeter. These are salt crystals which getting into wall, destroy connecting materials, creating cracks and falls. Scratch out white raid by means of rigid brush and wait 4-5 days. If the raid was shown again, process wall special solutions on the basis of organic and inorganic acids. It is possible to buy such means in household shop.

2. If it was not succeeded to buy means to you it is possible to use make-shifts. Apply solution of 5% of acetic acid or ammonia solution on brick. Do not try to wash away raid water, from it it will become even more.

3. Remove moss, mold and residues of old paint from wall. For this purpose use rigid brushes, scrapers and knives. Deleting these pollution, do not touch bed joins, otherwise you can damage cement and break integrity of wall. Process those places on which there was mold, moss and lichen solution of bleaching powder which is good disinfectant.

4. Check integrity of brickwork. If you have found small slots or cracks, cover them with silicon or acrylic putty. If destruction of wall considerable, then it it is necessary to correct. Take the hammer or chisel and very accurately remove all defective cement between bricks. Clean the received slot from dust and moisten with water. Prepare cement. By means of trowel press solution into slot between bricks, completely filling it. Make even the received seam and remove excess cement from brick. New seams have to dry 3-4 days.

5. Apply with thin, uniform layer on wall the hydrophobisator. This means protects wall from environmental activity and does it durable. Process solution all wall, since eaves.

6. After the wall has completely dried, begin painting. Apply even layer of paint which is intended for coloring of external facades on wall. For coloring use the rigid roller or the spray. If necessary it is possible to put the second coat of paint, but only after full drying of the first.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team