How to paint brick wall

How to paint brick wall

Brick walls – the sufficient attractive and original decision for interiors of different styles. But, as a rule, such surfaces need to be processed that the laying and solution which was used for construction of wall did not absorb excess moisture which destroys cement over time. Most often resort to painting of brick walls.

It is required to you

  • - rigid wire bast or brush;
  • - special cleaning agent for walls;
  • - sponge;
  • - brushes with rigid bristle;
  • - knife scraper;
  • - roller.


1. Examine carefully wall regarding cracks and ledges. Clean cracks from garbage then close up cement (it is possible latex paint).

2. Close up small cracks plaster coat. Clean the seams located on laying from layer of solution and also close up putty.

3. Rigid bast, it is possible brush, bring wall to smooth state.

4. Wash and get rid of limy spots by means of special means for washing. Pay attention to these spots - their emergence says that in some place on wall water can get that needs to be eliminated in due time. In case of gross contamination process brick wall solvent to remove traces of earlier put whitewashing or painting.

5. Let's wall dry – drying can take not one week. If you do not wait for full drying, then the mold can appear subsequently.

6. Progruntuyte wall. Take primer which will deeply get and have good water-repellent properties. You put with layer which thickness should not be more than two millimeters. Thus, you will be able qualitatively to level wall.

7. Paint brick wall. Use for this purpose the paint diluted with water. It is better to choose paint which is suitable for application of masonry. Use rigid brush, and for cleaning of wall − knife scraper. You apply paint with strips with an overlap, about one-two meters in size.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team