How to paint dresser

How to paint dresser

The convenient capacious dresser does not lose the importance and in modern apartments. The large subject of interior can serve as support under the TV or other equipment. In its deep boxes the ironed bed linen is perfectly piled uniform. And in tiny komodik there will always be place for useful trifles in economy.

It is required to you

  • - dresser;
  • - grinder;
  • - abrasive paper (coarse and fine grain);
  • - varnish or paint;
  • - roller and brushes;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - mordant.


1. Attentively look narrowly at the dresser and decide on quality of initial material. Further work will depend on it. For acceptance of the right decision about covering it is possible to poshkurit nazhdachka corner of box and to look at condition of basis.

2. If your dresser is executed from good tree, try to keep the drawing of wood. Pick up colored lake which will emphasize the invoice. It is previously possible to cover dresser with mordant, having given to wood noble look, then use from above transparent lacquer. Or cover your subject of interior with opaque or gloss paint which surface can be decorated dekupazhy, felt, panel carnations, fabric, lace and other materials.

3. Prepare workplace for paintings dresser. Lay polyethylene film which can be bought in department for gardeners on floor. From above spread out newspapers.

4. Remove all accessories which are possible for removing from old dresser, without damaging the basis.

5. Prepare dresser for painting. If the old thing is already coated, and you just are going to renew its color, then walk on covering small abrasive paper. In such a way you improve coupling of new layer with old. For varnishing of dresser you need to smooth out completely basis to tree. Make it the grinder or abrasive paper.

6. In the presence of carved elements on surface of their dresser it is desirable to clean from old layer properly too. But it is necessary to do it accurately, without having damaged drawing edge. Envelop piece of abrasive paper around the narrow screw-driver or pricker. Such adaptation carefully walk on thread as far as it is possible.

7. Use putty on tree for closing up of cracks or chips. Dry up it and grind surface. If on dresser traces of activity of bug are observed, then the tree needs completely to be covered with special means. And also to enter structure by means of the syringe in the openings which are eaten away by bug.

8. Paint dresser the picked-up color. When choosing paint give preference furniture acrylic, it has practically no smell and long does not fade. You apply paint coating with the roller on plain surfaces and brush in hard-to-reach spots. For mordant make tampon. Wrap piece of cotton wool in gauze. Add mordant to tampon gradually that liquid did not drip.

9. If the new covering consists only of varnish coat, then in intervals between drawing layers do not forget to grind dresser surface fine-grained abrasive paper that varnish laid down exactly. Then on furniture there will be no agnails and roughnesses.

10. Dry your product and put it on the place allocated in interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team