How to paint eyebrows in house conditions

How to paint eyebrows in house conditions

– very important part of the face. Only at the correct registration they will give to make-up complete look. Not to spend time for daily colourings by pencil, paint eyebrows with special paint. It is possible to make it independently.

Eyebrows are frame of the person, they as frame for picture. Correctly chosen shape of eyebrows, smooth bend and lack of the sticking-out hairs will add to their owner of charm. In order that eyebrows were not lost on face, it is necessary to be able to emphasize them beautifully.

What it is possible to paint eyebrows with

The simplest option is to tint eyebrows special pencil. Draw with well ground tip of pencil several strokes in places where hairs are absent. Then emphasize shape of eyebrow from above and from below and also at the beginning and at the end. Be not overzealous, everything has to look naturally. Shade pencil and comb eyebrows special brush.

Instead of pencil it is possible to use shadows for eyes of suitable shade. The principle of action remains to the same: to emphasize with thin brush shape of eyebrow, and then to shade.

If you do not want to spend time for daily make-up of eyebrows, use paint. Keep in mind that hair-dye will not approach, it is too aggressive for eyebrows and can lead to their baldness. In any shop of cosmetics it is possible to buy the paint intended especially for eyebrows. Choosing color of paint, give preference to brown shades, but not black. So eyebrows will look more naturally. Coloring by paint absolutely as eyebrows can turn out too dark is not recommended to blondes and will ugly look on face.

As it is correct to paint eyebrows

Do not pull out eyebrow just before painting. Check paint regarding allergy on elbow bend. If in 20 minutes nothing has occurred, it is possible to start painting. Put on gloves, and around eyebrows apply fat cream to skin. Dissolve paint according to the instruction, having mixed it with oxidizer, in plastic or glass capacity. Carefully stir and apply with brush or Q-tip thick layer on eyebrows, without going beyond their contour. Wait so much how many it is told in the instruction. Usually it is 7-10 minutes. Accurately remove paint with cotton pad, and wash away the remains flowing water. In spite of the fact that paint is intended especially for eyebrows, nevertheless it has aggressive influence. Couple of days after painting put to eyebrows the cotton pads moistened in warm vegetable oil (olive, almond, peach). Take 10-15 minutes and wash away warm water. It is not recommended to make up eyebrows more often than 2 times a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team