How to paint gate

How to paint gate

The gate made of any material whether it be tree or iron, it is better to paint. Paint gives to material not only esthetically finished look, but also protects it from damage and destruction. Coloring can be carried out by brush, the roller or airbrush, but before drawing any kind of paint it is necessary to prepare the painted surface.

It is required to you

  • - grinder or Bulgarian;
  • - emery cloth number 1 or 2 and nulevka;
  • - rust solvent;
  • - primer;
  • - drying oil;
  • - chemical washing of paint;
  • - roller;
  • - brush;
  • - airbrush;
  • - paint;
  • - silver steel on varnish basis.


1. If you have established new iron or wooden gate, then before coloring apply primer on iron gate, and process wooden surface drying oil on two layers. On the prepared surface paint will lay down more even layer, and its expense will be much less.

2. If new iron gate already have rusty surface, then carry out cleaning of rust by means of grinding machines or with use of the Bulgarian with zero abrasive paper, apply rust solvent on gate, ground surface and only after that start coloring.

3. Paint gate any kind of the paint intended for coloring of surfaces in the open air. The most suitable option is oil paint for wooden surfaces. You can paint iron gate with silver steel on varnish basis.

4. If you want to paint earlier painted gate, then remove all old coat of paint by means of chemical smyvatel or mechanically, using the Bulgarian with emery cloth or the grinder. At first remove the main coat of paint abrasive paper at number 1 or 2, you carry out the final stage of processing by means of zero abrasive paper. When using chemical smyvatel put on respirator, gloves, points as means has caustic smell and corrodes skin at hit on the unprotected sites.

5. Before painting of iron gate process surface rust solvent, apply primer, give it time to dry out within 24 hours. Make double coloring by the roller, airbrush or brush, observing 24 hour intervals between painting.

6. After removal of old coat of paint from wooden gate, put 2 layers of drying oil or antiseptic primer, give time to it to dry out within a day. Put 2 coats of paint with the 24th hour interval between colourings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team