How to paint pot

How to paint pot

The most normal clay flowerpot can be turned into ornament for the room. Not enough material and time will be required to receive original and exclusive ornament.

It is required to you

  • - acrylic paints;
  • - brushes;
  • - varnish;
  • - primer.


1. Wash up surface of pot and dry, on it there should be no dirt. If it is necessary, can degrease pot alcohol. It is desirable to ground product, then paint will lay down more exactly and more accurately on pot with glossy surface. Primer is not required for product with frost coating. Wait for full drying-out of pot. Paints you can take any, but acrylic dry quicker, keep longer and more beautifully look. As a last resort the watercolor or gouache will approach.

2. Take brushes from squirrel hair. Such brush applies paint more evenly, than brush from synthetic fibers. Apply background color on pot if it is provided in your idea. Draw all dark parts of your pattern or the drawing. Then paint over light elements of the drawing. You can plan before it ornament contours simple pencil, trying to receive thin and hardly noticeable line. You do not apply too much paint on brush, otherwise drips will appear.

3. It is possible to remove already appeared paint drops by means of reverse side of normal match or Q-tip. Before paint manages to dry, match try to erase it as normal eraser. To avoid drips and inaccurate drawings, use special cliches. It needs to be wetted plain water and to stick on pot. The template can be cut out and most of normal paper or from the old newspaper.

4. Too difficult images which you will not be able to represent can be cut out from napkins with drawings. Separate base layer of napkin, leave only pictures. Slightly moisten the image with glue. It is better to dilute glue with water. Accurately record the picture in the right place of pot. The napkin very thin can also tear because of the careless movement. When all your composition is ready, cover pot with water-based acrylic lacquer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team