How to paint roof

How to paint roof

That the roof has been protected from impact of precipitation and had resistance to corrosion, it needs to be painted. Painting of roof prolongs the term of its service and pretends more decorative. For painting of roof it is necessary to use special paints.

It is required to you

  • - Paint for metal roofs;
  • - remover for removal of old paint;
  • - felt;
  • - big swing brush;
  • - ladder;
  • - rust solvent.


1. To protect roof from ferrous metal for long time, use acrylic paints which contain anticorrosive additives. Special popularity paints and varnishes for covering of metal surfaces from Feidal, Tikkurila, Poly-river enjoy.

2. One of the most widespread materials for roof – galvanized tin. The roof from galvanized tin also needs painting. The thin layer of zinc if it is not protected, collapses as a result of aggressive influence of salts, exhaust gases, precipitation, etc. Besides, the painted galvanized roof looks more attractively, than without painting.

3. As the surface of galvanized iron is more passive, than surface black, paint has to have bigger elasticity and adhesion. These qualities are inherent in the opaque acrylic paint for metal roofs possessing good coupling with galvanized surface. Perfectly Pansarimaali paint from Tikkurila, Tsirkol from KrasKo, ""Akvakryl V2053"" from CHEMOLAK will approach.

4. Before starting painting of roof, prepare felt soles for footwear not to slide, moving on roof and not to damage fresh coating layer. Check condition of surface and replace the rusted sheets if necessary.

5. Clean surface from dirt, rust, old paint. Remove rust by means of metal brush. For removal of old paint use special remover.

6. After derusting and old paint on the degreased sites struck with corrosion, apply with brush or the roller rust solvent. Leave for full drying for 5 days.

7. After this term start painting. Big brush shade paint along roof slope in the direction from the fad to edge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team