How to paint walls different color

How to paint walls different color

Monophonic walls look quite boringly and is uninteresting. It is possible to make the room bright and unusual by means of beautiful drawings, ornament or geometrical patterns on walls. For example, graffiti stylish looks not only on the street, but also in the room of the school student and student.

It is required to you

  • - aqueous emulsion ink;
  • - brushes;
  • - painting tape.


1. Originally and unusually the walls painted in style patchwork look. It is not the most difficult technique of painting therefore the beginner will even cope with it. Pick up right colors for paint, them has to be at least four. It is desirable to choose related colors, for example, - violet, lilac, burgundy and pink.

2. To avoid confusion, painting tape at first note those blocks which will be executed in one color. Paint over space in painting tape. Blocks can be the different sizes, the main thing that it were in harmony with each other.

3. A little more difficult in marking of blocks, but not less original style - Almaz. For this equipment choose two related colors. Length of each rhombus has to be twice more than width. Paint all wall in lighter color. When the coat of paint dries, painting tape plan location of rhombuses.

4. Take dark paint and impose layer in tape. You can be trained on single sheet of gypsum cardboard before working at wall.

5. On technology of execution moire openwork is quite simple. It is enough to you to pick up two any colors. Paint wall in the lightest of the shades chosen by you. When paint dries, painting tape separate all wall into strips. Paint over more dark color the necessary sites. Until paint has dried, hairbrush with thin and sharp teeth carry out by undulating motions on dark strip. Repeat these actions, changing the size and smoothness of wave a little.

6. The Old castle style is very difficult performed by, but is incredibly beautiful. For this equipment you need opaque paint with granular surface. Three or four colors - one or two neutral and two brighter will be required. Plan tape position of blocks of one shade. You apply paint with the small roller. Without waiting for its drying, rags skim. For bigger effect of old times you can add parts the same paint only with impurity of black.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team