How to part dragon tree

How to part dragon tree

The family of dratsenovy differs in variety of forms and types. Among his representatives there are both three-meter trees, and tiny plants which will perfectly fit into interior of the apartment or office. Under natural conditions dragon trees meet in Central America, Asia and Africa. It is possible to multiply dragon tree seeds and in the vegetative way.

  • - "Epin-ekstra";
  • - cespitose earth;
  • - sand;
  • - peat;
  • - perlite;
  • - sheet earth;
  • - humus.

1. Dragon trees with green leaves to grow up from seeds is possible. This method is seldom used at room cultivation as in such conditions dragon trees infrequently blossom, and, having lain down, their seeds lose viability. Nevertheless, if you had had seeds of this plant, from them it is possible to try to grow up young dragon tree.

2. It is necessary to sow dragon tree at the very beginning of spring, previously having cleaned seeds from pulp and having wetted them for eighteen hours in the solution prepared from four drops of "Epina-ekstra" and half of glass of water.

3. Mix soil for prorashchivaniye of seeds from the equal number of the cespitose earth and sand. Seed dragon tree in container with this soil mix and put it in the lit room with temperature from twenty five to twenty seven degrees, having covered crops of transparent. Air small greenery and support soil mix in damp state.

4. To raspikiruyta on separate pots also you keep the grown-up seedlings in the room with temperature not lower than twenty one degree.

5. More traditional way of cultivation of dragon trees in house conditions is rooting of top or stem shanks. It is necessary to start this occupation at the beginning or the middle of spring. For receiving top shank cut off the top of plant, trying to receive plain surface of cut. For receiving stem shanks cut stalk on ten-centimetric pieces. Within several hours dry cuts.

6. Prepare container with substrate. Dragon trees not bad take roots in the damp washed-out sand, mix from equal parts of peat and sand or perlite. Submerge the lower ends of shanks on two centimeters in substrate or put them horizontally and press into soil on half of thickness of stalk.

7. Cover capacity with shanks of transparent and put on the lit place. For shanks the air temperature slightly below that which is required for prorashchivaniye of seeds is necessary. There is quite enough if in small greenery with dragon trees there are from twenty to twenty three degrees.

8. Water substrate with otstoyanny water of room temperature. Water for watering is recommended to settle within several days. As well as seeds, the implanted shanks should be aired, uncovering with small greeneries once a day.

9. The implanted plants can be transplanted in separate pots. For landing fill drainage on pot bottom and put on it the soil mixed from peat, sand, the sheet, cespitose earth and humus. It is possible to create plant in the form of tree with one trunk and fluffy krone from the implanted top shanks. When rooting stem shanks can sprout at the same time several sleeping kidneys. As a result at you the dragon tree with several trunks will turn out.

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