How to part oyster mushrooms

How to part oyster mushrooms

If you want to organize the business or just to provide the with seven mushrooms, begin to part mushrooms-oyster mushrooms. They are quite unpretentious, do not require special care and attention. Your small expenses with interest will pay off tasty and fresh mushrooms.

It is required to you

  • - mycelium;
  • - wood billets of wood;
  • - saw;
  • - copper vitriol;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - sawdust;
  • - bark;
  • - straw;
  • - fir twigs;
  • - burlap.


1. Prepare in the spring or in the fall wood billets of wood, for example, from willow or birch (any foliferous trees will approach). Thickness not less than 15-25 centimeters is long billets of wood from 0.5 to 1.5 meters, and. In that half which will be located from above make saw of pro-saw or deepening approximately in 3-4 centimeters, distance between pro-saws about 20-25 centimeters. Make pro-saws and on block faces. Process pro-saws solution of copper vitriol and wait 1-2 hours that wood has dried out. After that wet billets of wood in clear water for 2-3 days. Choose the warm and damp place, surely pritenenny in which wood will not become wet and dry up.

2. Lay layer of the deciduous humus which is whenever possible brought from the wood 5 centimeters thick on soil. Press into it billet of wood a little, from sides powder with humus, but do not fill up pro-saw. For the winter do not cover billet of wood, just powder with snow. In the first half of May prepare billets of wood for laying of mycelium: water pro-saws with boiled water with potassium permanganate (on 10 liters of water 0.5 grams of potassium permanganate undertake), later rinse them clear water and dry a little. Also water humus with boiled water, in a day lay on it billet of wood. In pro-saws put mycelium and close them previously scalded and cooled sawdust, bark. Close billet of wood burlap or fill up with straw/hay. The billet of wood surely has to be aired. In month slightly sprinkle billets of wood with wood ashes. Surely all month humidify the place around them, do not allow it to dry up.

3. In two months remove burlap or straw/hay and check whether the mycelium has appeared. If in pro-saws the white raid has appeared – it means so. Humidify the soil around billet of wood as required, but at all do not get on mycelium. Use water warm, defended. Pick accurately mushrooms in process of their emergence, without damaging mycelium in pro-saws. In year there are not less than 2-3 harvests. For the winter cover billet of wood with fir twigs and fill up with snow. In the spring after staivaniye remove fir twigs and check condition of mycelium.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team