How to partition off the room screen

How to partition off the room screen

Screen - excellent addition of interior. It zones the room, helps to keep in it order. Besides the screen can become bright element of design. It is important to choose accessory in suitable style: romantic, vanguard, classical or ethnic.

1. Choose screen which will ideally fit into interior. It can merge completely with situation or to become bright spot in the room. On sale there are options on all tastes. Wattled screens from rattan will be suitable design for ethnic interior, from bamboo or rice paper. The situation in romantic style will be added by the screen in vintage style made of stuffed fabric. The bohemian note will be added by accessory with reproductions of pictures, author's batik, stained glasses. It is possible not only buy ready screen, but also to order it in interior salon.

2. Screens differ not only in design, but also the sizes. Accessories which are displayed in two or three times meet, and the biggest can have five shutters. The screen can be spread out completely or to establish by accordion. There is no need to choose by it the constant place. Light-weight folding construction can travel around the apartment. Rearrange it to different places of the room, changing interior and expanding its opportunities.

3. Very stylish the screen looks in living room interior. It can zone the room, allocating recreation area from working or table. Screen it is possible to fence off children's corner or just to separate the spacious room into two parts. Author's screens with painting, stained-glass windows or minimalistic designs in the Japanese style will be ideal for the living room. Very beautifully screens with the built-in framework for photos which can be changed look.

4. In the bedroom screen it is possible to fence off bed, wardrobe zone, dressing table or corner for needlework. It is convenient to Ram to use as temporary hanger for clothes. The screen is irreplaceable and in case the sleeping corner needs to be fenced off from the main space of the room. For example, the placed screen with success will hide the sorted bed or the spread-out sofa. When the sofa is built and is used as the place for guests, the screen can be put or rearranged.

5. The screen can be widely used in studio apartments. It can be established opposite to kitchen or sleeping zone, to separate crib. The screen will successfully hide temporary disorder in the room in case of unexpected arrival of guests: the scattered children's toys, the spread-out ironing board or work table with pile of papers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team