How to pass thread in the sewing machine

How to pass thread in the sewing machine

To begin to sew on the sewing machine, it is necessary to fill thread in the machine mechanism. This action can seem to the ignorant person very difficult, but everything is not so terrible. If it is correct to make everything, the machine will sew without problems and will serve long.

It is required to you

  • - sewing machine
  • - scissors
  • - threads


1. Before filling thread in the sewing machine, it is necessary to check quality of needle which you are going to sew. For this purpose put needle the flat party on plain surface. The gap between needle and surface has to be constant that indicates direct needle. If the needle bent or stupid, is better not to use it in order to avoid breakage of the machine.

2. After that it is necessary to pull out bobbin rods for deduction of coils with threads that the thread has not dragged on in the machine. At the beginning of work the rods are pulled out upward, upon termination of them it is necessary to drown down.

3. Spool thread. For this purpose disconnect swing wheel, carry out thread through the guider of winding, pass thread through opening in bobbin and put on bobbin rod. The bobbin needs to be moved up to the right that it adjoined to swing wheel and rotated, reeling up thread. Then it is necessary to press pedal and to spool thread. After the bobbin is reeled up, stop the machine. Remove rod of winding to the left, connect swing wheel back in the provision of sewing.

4. Insert bobbin into spool cap, extend thread in cap slot, stretch it under spring of tension and in giving ear. Thread needs to be extended approximately on 10 cm.

5. We fill the top thread as follows. Lift the nitenapravitelny lever in the highest situation with the help of swing wheel. Then raise clamping pad and install the coil on rod. Thread has to be wound off behind the coil.

6. Miss thread in the top thread guide. Holding thread about the coil, lead her down to the area of tension, and then around the spring holder. After that tighten thread up and miss via the lever of niteprityagivatel from right to left.

7. It was necessary only to remove thread down, to carry out it through the lower thread guide, to pass through the thread guide of iglovoditel and to pass thread in needle ear in front back.

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